'Im Sorry'

this story is about a girl named Taylor Mariee,
Taylor is 1month pregnant with Harry Styles' baby but she doesnt want it and files harry to tell him about the abortion
but harry insistes on keeping the baby
will love blossom or will she vanish

read the story to find out more


2. appointment time

Taylor POV

Pacing around the waiting when finally the doctor called out 

"Taylor Mariee, doctor bishop is ready to see you"

Harry leapt out of his chair and ran up to me he grabbed my hand and said 

"Good luck" he said happily

"Your just saying that cos im carrying YOUR child," i said rudely

"that i dont want" i mumbled underneath my breath 

"NO, because its our child"

"You mean, YOUR child, look Harry somewhere inside me i love this baby, but im 15 and not ready for a baby, im still in school and trying to keep my grades up so my mother doesn't kick me out, OKAY" i said sadly,

"Okay, so let me get this straight your just going to have this baby then leave" he said 

"Yeah, im trying to be a normal 15 year old Australian, trying to get on with her life"

"Well, easy for you to say you don't have singing rehersals every day, concerts, tours and screaming fans everywhere you step, now do you" i yelled at her

"Guys if you would like to take a step into my office, im sure we can sort this out" he said trying to calm us but down.

"Now if you would lay down on this bed we can see how far along"

"Now how far do you think you are"

"Miss...uhhh Mariee"

"1 month  i think"

getting the ice-cold gel on my little bump i knew i was further that 1 month"

"Well well well, miss Mariee you certainly are not 1 month you are 3 and having a beautiful baby- uh, did you want to know the sex"

"Yes Please" Harry said before i could speak

"Well you are having a beautifully healthy baby...GIRL" he shouted excitedly

Harry glared at me then smirked, i couldn't help but burst out laughing

I got up from the bed then wiped the gel of my stomach as i gripped my little bump i saw harry getting down on one knee to snuggle his little baby girl

"Hey, i've got a name" he said proudly

"What about daisy" he said

"Uhh, NO"






N--, yes, thats  perfect"

Harry couldnt help but do a happy dance in the waiting room


Harry POV

Walking throught the house it sounded awfully quiet without the boys, but all that was going to change in less than 6 months, im going to have to buy clothes, bottles, beds,dummies,nappies, 

and more just to cater for a new born then more for when shes older

"Thank god im a superstar, and make lots of money" i told myself



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