'Im Sorry'

this story is about a girl named Taylor Mariee,
Taylor is 1month pregnant with Harry Styles' baby but she doesnt want it and files harry to tell him about the abortion
but harry insistes on keeping the baby
will love blossom or will she vanish

read the story to find out more


1. the call


Running down the stairs of my 3 storey mansion, I heard the phone ring and ran even faster,

"i'll get it" i called out

"Hello, this is Harry Styles, how can i help you" i said

"Um... hi I'm Taylor Mariee, is this Mr. Styles" she said nervously

"Yes, this is Harry" i chuckled

"Hi im Taylor... would you like to meet up" she said

"Um.. I'm not meant to meet with fans but this sound urgent so, why not"

Harry POV

After that call I didn't know what I was thinking, I never usually meet up with fans like that but she sounded desperate, like she needed to tell me something so i said 'Yea why not' what harm could she possibly do, right.


Reaching, 'The Stars' coffee shop i saw Taylor instantly as she waved me over i saw her little belly

"Congrats on the baby,"

"Umm... thanks, that's what i brought you here for, actually" she said

"Okay, sure what is it," i said confidently

"Okay, well do you remember when you had the tour for 'Up all night', where i first met you and how.. things got a little out of hand"


"Well,we didn't use protection and...THIS happened" she said pointing to her stomach

"And im gonna do an abo-" 

i cut her off 

"No!!, you are not going to abort it, it is a living thing and deserves to live" i demanded

"Well guess what, you don't have to live with it for 9 months inside of you" she yelled

" Well if you don't want it... i'll have it" i urged 

"FINE then have it, i dont want it"she  screamed at me

She slammed her phone number on the table and told me her first appointment then hopped up and left

i read aloud 12 of the 3 2011 at 2:30pm

"CRAP!!, thats tomorrow" i said aloud

Rehersals, I have rehearsals tomorrow, i thought to myself.


Taylor POV

Meeting Harry after him seeing my tiny belly

i didn't expect him to want the thing, i just expected him to agree for the abortion and get on with our lives 

but obviously not he wants it.

Ringing my mum later that day i told her the news

I heard a sigh of relief from the other side of the phone and asked her to come to OUR appointment for an actual determination that i was preggas 


Harry POV

when i got home i bolted into the lounge room and told the boys the news,

"Guess what guys, im gonna be a daddy"

The 4 boys jumped with excitement all chanting


i couldn't help but laugh at the sight of the the 4 stooges doing there happy dances but there smiles didnt last long when i let out a,

"BUT... she wants an abortion, but" i said again

"I demanded, it to have a shot at life, now shes only and month, AND... im going to have to miss rehersals tomorrow" i said

"WHAT" yelled Niall

"Simons going to be interviewing us, and you know how he gets,"

"Its for my daughters sake, Niall im sure you would do the same"

Niall mumbled as he walked away

Zayn came up to me and said

"Everythings going to be fine, mate"he said


Niall POV

"Louis how could he do this to us" niall said angrily

"Wha-"he said with half a sandwich handing out of his mouth

"I said -"

"I know what you said, mate but you would do the same if your child was in the middle of life and death, we all would i know that for me bloody life" lou said

I jumped off the stool and went inot Harry,

"Sorry mate, for being a tool,"

 "Thats okay, you dont have to apoligise"


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