If you dont know me then you will after this

This going to be where i come day by day to let you know whats going on and telling you about me. If you want me to write anything tell me and i will!


2. 12/9/12

Well hello there gorgeous how are you?? Hii this is Emilie, just sitting here doing some weekend home work.... borrrriiinngggg! But anyways talked to Him all day, i really hope he feels better, went and saw a boat light parade with the family. Best moment of the night when dad yells out "Man they knew i was going to be here, they played my two favorite songs WOBBLE WOBBLE WOBBLE and WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE!" hahahaa saw a deer run into a car :( really sad and started crying but she got back on her feet and walked away with her glamour. Church tomorrow, hopefully He will feel better and come with but if not totally understandable. well good night only 16 more days till christmas <3

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