If you dont know me then you will after this

This going to be where i come day by day to let you know whats going on and telling you about me. If you want me to write anything tell me and i will!


1. A little about my self

Hi, my name is Emilie. I am 15, and im in high school. I know what your thinking? She probably one of those people who treat people like dirt and think shes better then everyone else. Well to behonest im the exact opposite... Im the type who doesnt care what others think about me, i know sounds kind hard to be true. Well maybe youll believe me after i tell you this. I get along with everyone, not because im hot or anything because there arent many things i dont like and i except people for who they are. I mean sure i can have my moments but im one who will tell you the truth even if it may hurt i will. I also am one who says sorry WAY too much and i forgive too much. I dont really have many "girl friends" not because im a loner but because all of my best friends are guys because they are way less drama and alot easier to talk to. But i do have a couple "girl friends" Heidi Slack, Mia Ruiz, and Hannah Horstman. Me and Heidi have known each other since 1st grade. We have had our moments but i couldnt ask for anyone other friend. Shes crazy and wild and fun but she can also have great conversations. She is sooo strong, she has been through alot but shes still here and without her id would be completely lost! Sadly all but Heidi and I got split up... Four of us; Three different schools.... My best friends name is Mitchell. He is a little older then me but we get along very well. We act like an old married couple having little arguements and bickering but loving eachother and being able to talk about everything  and anything with each other. Mitchell is not only my best friend, he is my inspiration, my "husband", my world, my everything. I dont ever want to lose him and if i did i wouldnt be the same person i am today.... When im 18 im actually getting a tattoo that explains mitchell... see he has kidney disease and has almost died multiply times... ever since we met ive tried to give him my kidney but not untill im 18 and out of school...... which sucks but Mitchell knows i care more then anyone in the whole world. I am a cheerleader, i do competition cheering at Cheer Extreme, but i LOVE football!! Redskins and Dolphins. I love baseball GO YANKEES! and i love UNC. I got into because of mitchell! ohhh and VCU!! When i graduate high school i want to go to college here in town and become a surgical nurse or work in the ER. When i graduate Mitchell and I are taking a trip to NYC to walk to park, see the shops, and of course go to a Yankees game! I am the "baby of the family... 1 out 4... i have a crazy family! my beautiful sister is 29 and has 4 beautiful kids of her own. My brother is 27 and is married to his soul mate, they have been dating since they were 15 and 16! and my other brother who has always been here for me is Bobby he is 20 he has a girl friend their 1 year will be in april! The same day as my parents anniversery. My parents have been together for a good 25 years? I have a big and crazy family on both side and i love them all!!! I draw and i sing. Hitting A to E hahaha well enough for tonight good night to the world. 

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