My Memory

My memory starts with you and ends with you. My days and night's are filled with you.


1. My Memory

My memory starts with you

The longing ends with you

I hear you whisper in my ear

So sweet and gentle


It is like a heavenly delight

Just to have you near

The shadows of light

Play upon us


Your so inviting

So exciting

To me you bring such joy

It's as if we are on the

Wings of a butterfly


We dream of far away places

Unknown to anyone but us

As we lay there gazing at the stars

Love lingers in the air


We linger there

Just to rest

And drive our desire wild

As the window of time stands still


I kiss you lightly

As you sleep

You moan and move

Closer to me you come


I fill your room

With all my love

So we can blossom

To leave a memory so strong

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