Sequel to unfixable,
After all that's happened, Kate still feels like something's missing. She has her husband, Harry, her son, will, and sons father/ex husband, Niall, in her life but she wants more. She decides to take a break, have fun, and be a teenager. But will her plans turn out right? Will she ever be happy? Or will stress and sadness take over her life?


4. The incident

*October 10, 2012*

It was a cold autumn night. I was inside taking care of will, while Harry and the guys were playing ball in the back yard.
"Mummy! Wou! Daddy! Wiam! Hally! Z!" Will was running around trying to say everyone's name. He was so excited everyone was here. He wanted to go out and play too, but it was much to cold. Then Louis came inside to get warm, Will darted for the door. Louis caught him just in time.
"GOTCHA!" He yelled and tickled will. Will giggled and tried to escape.
"You're so good with kids!" I said
"Thanks!" He said smiling.
It was time for Will to go to bed, he was fighting and trying to stay up. Louis came to the rescue and somehow got him snuggled in his bed and fast alseep in less then ten minutes.
"Thank you, he is such a handful sometimes." I said
"No problem, I love kids." He said charmingly
Then we went and watched some TV. Then we started making out... Which like always, lead to more...
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