Sequel to unfixable,
After all that's happened, Kate still feels like something's missing. She has her husband, Harry, her son, will, and sons father/ex husband, Niall, in her life but she wants more. She decides to take a break, have fun, and be a teenager. But will her plans turn out right? Will she ever be happy? Or will stress and sadness take over her life?


2. The answer

I didn't want to tell Harry. he would hate me, even though he loved will with all his heart if he found out I was pregnant agin with possibly someone else's baby.. Lets just say he'd hate me. I walked out of the bathroom, feeling as I could puke. I must have showed because Harry insisted I needed rest. He carried me to be and took care of me. I slowly went to sleep in his arms. In dreamt that the baby was Harry's and how we took care of her. Her name would be Darcy Anne. She would be Harry's princess. But all to suddenly I was ripped from my dream to feel a pain in my stomach. "Owwww!" I screamed. It was a sharp, intense, stabbing pain. Harry come running in, with an empty tea cup, and a tea drenched tee shirt. "What is it, honey?" He asked worriedly. I couldn't speak for the pain was too much. "Kate answer me!" Harry said urgently. I couldn't, then everything went fuzzy, white, and distant. Next thing I knew we were in a hospital with nurses and doctors scurrying around. Then a doctor said to Harry "Me. Styles.. I'm sorry to inform you but... Your wife has lost the baby.." Harry stared blankly at him "She was pregnant?" The doctor nodded his head and replied "I'm sorry this is how you found out the news... I just assumed you knew.."
"No, it's okay.. You didn't know... H..how far along was he?" He asked tryiig not to cry.
"Ohh.. About 12 weeks."
"thank you dr. Lee." He said as he left.
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