Common People

Poem :)


1. Commonality

Our mothers said we could be sister and brother, yet we were born a million miles from each other - your name was Claud-i-a, Claud-i-a.

And packing bags from when we grew up, we saw places and never grew up, oh and once we did it - and now I often think of it...

You were a flirt at school n yet you played chess, I'd've done anything to see up your dress, oh n yea we did it - and now I often think of it...

Claudia, do you recall - your house was by the mall, with a painting on the wall, and when I came around to call, you threw my heart yet made me fall....

And I said: what do we have in common (as we reached an apex), no mouthes moved yet we knew the answer, sex! We were both good at nothing, nothing but that. She said you can leave that on, I said what and she said - the hat.

So close were we yet so far apart, a million miles maybe, yet forever in my heart you remain my baby. I care for you I need you I want you and I love. I love trust and place vision in the only one to shove.

So Claudia, with the painting on the wall, the sweetest of them all I sing with all my heart - but forever from this moment my dear, we shall have to part.

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