The Lost Twin

Jamie lives with her dad, Dylan and knows Jamie has a sister, Nicole who lives with her mom, Brenda but one day while Jamie's on her new "Facebook" she finds people you may know as Jamie Johnson and Jamie finds Nicole with her aunt Sandy on the family Nicole Johnson will Nicole and Jamie find the truth or will Dylan and Brenda keep on denying?


1. About Jamie

Jamie Lynn Johnson lives in the small state of Chicago, she is 15 years old and lives with her father Dylan Ryan Johnson or as his friends from his work call him, D-RY he works at a toy company. Anyways, Jamie attends North Chicago High School with her best friends Katie Howard, Blaze Carter and, her boyfriend Irvin Payne they are all in the same classes as Jamie, they all enjoy going to this restaurant after school called, THE Chicago Teens Restaurant ages 13-19, any who Jamie used to have a crush on Blaze's 16 year old brother George anyways, that was ruined when she started dating Irvin (George's BFF) Well guess who isn't Irvin's friend after George admitted that he liked her and asked Jamie out! Irvin was so pissed off, he slapped George's tooth out! Jamie also has a part time job at " Mr. Brand's Cereal Brand, He's a 59 year old man who is about to pass away and give Mr.Brands to, Mr. Brand Jr., Jamie suprisingly enjoy's her job Mr. Brand Jr. ( Todd Brand) is a sophomore at my school so it's pretty cool having some one who goes to school with you, work with you! Any ways Jamie lives in an apartment  1245 St. Santa Drive, her apartment neighbors are Mrs.Armstrong and the kid she babysits family, Guerrero Family,there's three kids she babysits in the apartments Layla 9 and Jayden 8 Guerrero and Daisy Gemstone 5, they are all good kids, Jamie's exact birthdate was January 4th 1997 @ 9:06 pm in Chicago, Illinois, Jamie and Irvin have been dating for 2 years and going to make it 3 years in a week! Jamie is happy! her first anniversary gift was a $200 dollar neckless she wanted for year but, dad always complained about how expensive it was second anniversary he got a $350 ring she was crying! this year is going to be really special! She is going to give him 900 kisses,200 hugs, and a real gift! I'm so excited she repeated for about 5 weeks! Im going to have to cancel on baby-sitting for the anniversary!

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