A Run Away (A Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

This is a One Direction fan fiction.

Kim, age 19, runs away from her home in Doncaster, UK. She meets a young lad named Louis Tomlinson, who is from the band One Direction. She's not sure if she should stick with him and his band mates, or go her own separate ways. And... they might have something between them.


4. True Love <3

The boys show me to my guest room, and I get settled. I tell myself that I won't be staying for long, that I'll find a job and get a place of my own. But I can't fully believe what I tell myself. 

I slump down on my bed and twiddle my thumbs, not really knowing what to do. Then, Louis walks in. He's wearing a brown, long, fuzzy, button-up coat with jeans. A scarf is tied around his neck, and his hair is messy. A cute messy.

He walks towards the other side of the room, but trips over my foot. He pushes me accidentally, making my back press against the bed. He's propping himself up by putting his arms aside my shoulders. "Sorry," he mumbles, but doesn't get up. I don't tell him to... or want him to. I stay silent.

I look at his eyes, then nose, then perfect mouth. Correction. Perfect lips. His lips are not at all chapped, and a pale pink color. They are open slightly, revealing his white, straight teeth. Around his lips are little studs of facial hair. I watch as he breaths, how the hair moves too. I feel my heart beat faster, and my hands tingle. I don't know what it is. I swallow, and he notices, because his eyes flash down to my lips. 

He's leaning down close to me now. His scarf unfolds and falls off, showing some of his chest. I breathe harder as he moves closer. I would get up if I could. I can't. I can't resist the temptation. He moves in closer, and our foreheads touch. I look into his blue eyes, and see my reflection. I know what I'm doing is wrong, but when it's love... it's love.

I feel our lips touch, and my body gets all warm inside. His lips are soft to the touch and he smells nice. Like hot chocolate and flowers. I close my eyes and take in the feeling of the lips on mine. It's the best feeling I could ever think of.

I'm in love with Louis Tomlinson.

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