A Run Away (A Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

This is a One Direction fan fiction.

Kim, age 19, runs away from her home in Doncaster, UK. She meets a young lad named Louis Tomlinson, who is from the band One Direction. She's not sure if she should stick with him and his band mates, or go her own separate ways. And... they might have something between them.


3. Staying

I go into their bathroom and splash water on my dirty face. I look around. Their house is huge! Probably because they are like, the world's number one band. I dab a towel on my face, drying it off. I hear a knock on the bathroom door. I open it. It's the chap named Louis. He is standing an inch higher than me, and his suspenders are almost touching me. I back away awkwardly. "You doing ok?" he asks with his soft voice. "Yeah," I mumble, still unsure about the strangers. He cocks his head to the side. "We aren't bad lads. Really. C'mon over to the living room." I swallow and follow him.

"Do you... live anywhere?" asks Harry as I sit down on the couch next to Zayn and Louis. I shake my head no and bite my lip. "Well, not now I don't. I ran away." Harry looks at the rest of the boys with a surprised face. "Can we have a minute?" he asks me. "Sure," I say quietly.

I walk into another room. Trophies line a wall, all of them are from famous award shows. I turn around and see a big platinum album, with all their signatures on it. I'm pretty sure one of them has a smiley face next to it. I giggle. Next to that are two smaller albums, one of them is called Up All Night and one of them is called Take Me Home. "Take me home..." I whispered to myself. "Wherever my home may be."

Liam came in the room and said, "Come out. We have to tell you some news." His voice was darker than the rest of the boys. "Ok," I said, taking one last quick glance at the awards. I walk out and the boys are standing    up, all facing me with serious expressions. 

"We've been thinking," says Niall, the Irish one. "that you really need somewhere to live for a while... or maybe even permanently." I look at them in disbelief. I think about it. I do need a place to stay for a bit... not forever.

I clear my throat and ruffle my brow. I take a deep breath. "Yes. I will stay."

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