A Run Away (A Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

This is a One Direction fan fiction.

Kim, age 19, runs away from her home in Doncaster, UK. She meets a young lad named Louis Tomlinson, who is from the band One Direction. She's not sure if she should stick with him and his band mates, or go her own separate ways. And... they might have something between them.


13. Questions

"Why do we have to move!?" asks Louis. He's clearly confused.

"A detective dude, well, I think he's coming to our house!" I say.

"Is that bad?" Louis asks, moving around on the couch.

"You know what we did to Paul? It's illegal!" I yell, hating to hear those words coming out of my mouth.

Liam jumps up in shock. It's obviously A LOT for Liam that we did something illegal. "What!?" He practically screams. He paces back and forth, his hands on his ears. "No no no!!"

"Liam," says Louis, standing up. "You didn't do it!"

"I know but-"  Liam gets cut off as somebody rings the doorbell. Now, I start freaking out.

"It's him! It's him!!" I roll up into a ball onto the couch like a baby. I do not want Louis and I arrested.

Louis sighs and walks up to the door. I know I have to be there too. I swallow and follow him. Louis opens the door. A man wearing a tan suit is standing there. He had badges on his shirt. I almost run away. The biggest badge reads, "Detective".

"Hello." he says, shaking Louis's hand. "Chap," Louis responds, bowing his head to the detective.

"You two," he eyes us. "I'm sorry, your going to have to be arrested."

Yeah, I've never been arrested before, but it really escalates quickly. "No!" I scream as he pulls my arms back. He takes out his handcuffs.

"Stop!" yells a familiar voice. I look behind me. It's Paul. 

The detective lets me go and looks questionably at Paul. "Are you the man who got beat up by these two?" Louis looks at Paul with pleading eyes. Paul has a huge bruise on his head and is still limping, probably from his fall. 

"It wasn't them!" Paul says. The detective drops my hands.

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