A Run Away (A Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

This is a One Direction fan fiction.

Kim, age 19, runs away from her home in Doncaster, UK. She meets a young lad named Louis Tomlinson, who is from the band One Direction. She's not sure if she should stick with him and his band mates, or go her own separate ways. And... they might have something between them.


11. Love Can't Be Stopped

I run and run as I feel my heart pound inside my chest. I blow warm air from my mouth onto my hands. It's really chilly. I don't know where to go, but I do know that I have to meet Louis. I turn into an alleyway, all alone. It feels like one of those movies with the gangsters ganging up on the nerds or whatever. But this alley is clean, and I think the outside wall of a mattress store and a clothing store. But that really doesn't matter now.

I whip my phone out of my pocket. Louis's contact is right on the home page, and I tap it with my freezing fingers. I hear ringing. It rings for like another few seconds. I tap my foot on the ground, anxious for him to pick up. "Hello?" I finally hear Louis say on the other line.

"Lou!" I say, keeping my voice low. "Where's Paul/?"

"Looking for you," he speaks with his thick British accent.

"Shoot," I say, glancing around. I press my back against the brick wall in-case Paul comes over here. "I need you to meet me here. We need to set Paul straight."

"Wh-where are you?" Louis mumbles.

"On the corner of First and Amestad. I'm in the little alley. Babe, I need you to come here, and we need to show Paul how much we love each other."

"Yes. We do. I'll meet you. I'm on my way," Louis speaks.

"Ok," I say, rubbing my hands together, squeezing the phone between my ear and shoulder. "And if he doesn't just give in, I have another plan."

"Ok, I'm leaving," Louis says and hangs up.

I dance around (not literally) trying to keep myself warm. I gasp. Paul just ran bye. I hear feet skid to a halt and run back. I look around for a hiding spot but it's too late. Paul's facing me, face red, knees wobbling from before.

"You," he pants, hunched over. "You can't just run away from me, Louis's bodyguard!" he clenches his teeth together in pain.

I shake my head, waiting for Louis. 

"Well!?" Paul growls as he limps over to me.

I back up and see Louis run up to me. 

"Paul!" he yells in Paul's face. "You can't break Kim and I up, okay?!" 

I stand close to Louis, getting ready to show Paul how much I love Louis. 

"Louis," Paul says. "I'm your boss. Now if you-"

He stops as I force Louis's lips to mine. I tilt his head to the side and push my tongue through his lips. I explore the inside of his mouth. He tastes like mint. 

"Guys. Stop. It isn't gonna work!" Paul hisses, limping towards us.

We ignore Paul, and I feel Louis's tongue go into my mouth. I inch my head back to make sure Paul sees all our tongue action. I pull my body close to him so we are touching completely. I pull of Louis's t-shirt.

"Kim!" Paul yells. "You aren't aloud to be in love!"

I know Louis is freezing with no shirt, but hell to that. Our relationship is at stake. I press my hands against his tan skin, and bring my body closer. 

"THAT'S IT!" Paul screams. He half runs, half limps up to us and put his hand in between our bodies. He uses all his strength and pulls us apart. He pushes me to the wall, making me fall on my butt. He holds shirtless Louis back who is struggling to get to me. 

"Paul!" I scream, trying to get up. My back is in too much pain. I see Paul's hands grip on Louis's wrists.

"You are in HUGE trouble!" Paul screams to Louis and me.

I stumble up, and put a hand against the wall, so I don't fall. "Paul. I know your mother doesn't want you knowing about you're pregnant wife," I say, having a plan.

"Yeah. So?!" Paul yells.

I grab my phone and dial her number. "Don't make me."

"NO!" Paul screams and drops Louis. He runs over to me, to stop me from calling his mom.

"Now!" I scream, inching away from raging Paul. 

Louis, after quickly tugging on his shirt, takes a huge rock out of his pocket. He raises it high over Paul's head. "This is for your own good!" yells Louis. He plunges his hand down, with the rock in his hand, and bashes it on Paul's head. Paul yelps and stumbles back. His body hits the floor and his eyes stare off into the distance.

"Okay, he's unconscious!" Louis says. "Come on!" He said, starting to run.

I get up and try to run, but my back hurts too much. "I-I can't run," I say, wincing. Louis sighs and picks me up bridal style. "Let's go," he whispers and we run off to our home. Paul is never bothering us again.

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