A Run Away (A Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

This is a One Direction fan fiction.

Kim, age 19, runs away from her home in Doncaster, UK. She meets a young lad named Louis Tomlinson, who is from the band One Direction. She's not sure if she should stick with him and his band mates, or go her own separate ways. And... they might have something between them.


8. Forbidden

I run out of the house, and hear Louis behind me. He grabs my wrist and turns me around. "What are you doing?!" he says. He's gripping me really tight. I shake my head. "I can't be seen with you. So, I will just... live outside your house. We can meet up," I say. I hurts to tell him this. 

"Kim," he says, shaking his head. "Look. If we can't be in love... or like, be near each other, then you can still live in my house. I can hide you. I don't know. I'll make sure the paparazzi's don't get us."

He grabs my shoulders, and I look at his perfect face structure.

Maybe it's not meant to be...

I mentally slap myself. Kim?! I think. How could that thought even come into your head?!

"Fine," I tell Louis. I'm not looking at him anymore. "But where will I hide?" I ask.

"I don't know..." says Louis. "There is an attic above my room. You can stay up there and I can give you food and all that"

I nod, making sure that we stay together as we make out way back into the house.

As we crawl in through the window, I hear a knock on the door. Louis and I hear Paul's voice.

"Quick!" Louis hisses as he pulls on a string from the ceiling. It pulls down stairs to the attic and I run up. She shuts the door and says, "Sorry," in a whisper. He shuts the door and I hear Paul walk in to talk to Louis.

I turn around and am greeted by five tarantulas.

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