This is Me

This is me. The real me. The past I rarely share. The secrets I've hiden. My joy. My hurt. School. My friends. Everything.
This, this is me.


16. Weirdly vivid dream

So I had this dream last night... And it was weird because it was extremely vivid.

If you don't watch glee this may be confuseing to you. But like this important to dream;

Artie- boy in wheel chair

Tina- Quite girl

Mr. Shoester- Glee club teacher

Sue- Cheer couch, hates glee club

K well like I had joined the new direction(glee club's name). And I had apparently been in the group for a while.

Well I was like upset about something so I go towards the door where Tina and Artie where talking and I had them this sweater I was wearing that said "New Directions" and I start crying and I say "I'm done!" then I like run away. Artie starts following me in his wheel chair, then when no one is in the hallway but us he just stands up and follows me into Mrs. Shoes office is like "What is wrong!" and I like cry. (Mrs. Shoe's office looked the same as in the show but the walls were all glass, and he had yellow western door the went down to like right above the floor that were next to his desk.)

THEN HE KISSES ME! And I'm just like "Artie, ARE YOU STANDING?" and he smiles. and I'm like "Oh my gosh!" then I kiss him again and we see Mr. Shoe, Sue, and the swim couch whos name has ecasped my mind. So like we like lay down on the floor under the yellow doors and were are laying there holding hands. After like five minutes we try to sneak out and the swim couch is all like "What are you doing?" and I say "Me and Artie wanted to surprise Mr. Shoe." and he looks and me and goes "Artie! why are you on the floor!?!?"

So Artie stands up and he smiles and says "I wanted to surprise you. I got a surgery. It made my legs work again. I can't walk all the time, or it hurts. But I can walk now." so we all start hugging. Then mr. shoe is all like "You to go change. Everyone else is already in the pool."

Then like I go into this locker room(Artie back in his chair) and like I change and I smell cholene.

I could litterally smell it. I was like wait.... I can never smell ANYTHING when I dream. And I had felt everything so far. It was cool in the locker room and my feet had gotten wet. When me and Artie where holding hands on the floor the carpet was soft and I could feel his hand. And when we kissed it felt real...

But then like I go out to the pool and look for Artie. and then suddenly I'm back next to Tina and Artie in the hallway handing them the sweater and I start running and Artie follows me, but never get out of the chair. And he stops me in frount of Mr. Shoe's office and he was like "What's wrong?" and then I hugged him and cried and he was about to kiss me and I woke up....

I mean the dream felt freaking real... I'm just confused as to why it started over....

If you have any idea's as to what it means (because all dreams are supposed to mean something) please comment it. :P


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