This is Me

This is me. The real me. The past I rarely share. The secrets I've hiden. My joy. My hurt. School. My friends. Everything.
This, this is me.


22. Updates (School and Movellas)

Hey guys. So I wanted to give you some of my life updates. (1-30-13)



Well I have a new movella out called "Perfect Day." It's my favorite Movella I have written. I'm thinking about deleting "To My Buhnnies :P" because it's so short and so similar to this. I will be putting "With Hope to Die..." on hold. And the name may change in the future. "Crushes Heartbreak and Past Realationships" title will soon be changed to Poems. I will be deleting my Cover Compition movella. "The Game" is still going, but I won't be updating alot. Sorry all you "Game" fans. I wrote a really long chapter and I hit the save as draft button(idk if u know this but I ate publishing without at least doing 2 grammer checks). Well my internet disconnected right then, and all my chapter was lost. It did that 2 more times. :( I don't remeberthe chapter... So yeah. I'll eventually edit. The movella I co-authored "I want you"(Sup Carsyn:)) is finished. Also soon be on the lookout for a movella I'm co-authoring with my best friend LaughLikeNiall. It's called "It All Changed."  It will be awile before it comes out. We are trying to get about 6 chapters So you guys can get into it and sortof get a feel for it. We have 3 now. I think I've tlked bout all my movella's now... WAIT! This 1.. Lol. This is me is going to stay. So now I think I have everything. 2 New Movellas will be out soon 2. 1 is going to be my play from class that lost the contest :( But it's ok cuz like you guys are going to get to read it and be like "Woah!"  And with this website I can reach a wider audience :). The other 1 is going to be called "The Killer" And it's going to be about... well.... A killer. :) Lol.




Well I went to the most awesome play ever today. It's called "Jakie and Me". It's about Jakie Robinson. I strongly sugjest everyone in Indiana(or the world) see it. It's at IRT. And if you by chance happen to see the blonde boy there that hates Joey, tell him Sam said "OH MY GOSH YOU'RE CUTE!" ok. His name is Brett and he's really cute. :P Ik I'm not dilousional because all the girls there thought so. Even Ash. And the only people Ik she likes is her bf Tyler. And she used to like this guy Carlynn but then he was a jerk and acted like he owned her and stuff and she was all like "FORGET YOU!" and stuff. Omg at drama today was so fun. I got to act possesed. And I was like "I see dead people" and "Purple pancakes" and stuff. I think Elly (I so spelled that wrong) viedo taped it. OMG AND I MADE FRIEND TODAY! I feel like a 6 year old saying that. I meet Megan, Elly, and Hailey. And it was so fun cuz us 3 and Zoey had to do a improve and it was so fun. Zoey was  my prego sis and she didn't know who the father was. My mom was Megan and my Aunt (Hailey) was visiting. It was so funny. Ok so like annnnnnndd Have you ever heard the song "Threw it on the Ground" by the lonely island? U should! I asked my friend Brant that. Brant is like that shy kid that like is friend with everyone but doesn't talk much. I asked him if he heard the song andhe jumps and screams "I LOVE THAT SONG!" then does the intire verse about the hot dogs. and me and Hailey(Sargent) are standing there cracking up. and he goes "Why were u guys laughing" and I say "I've never heard so many words come out of your mouth at one time!" and then he laughs. Then the bell rang and I scream "7TH PERIOD!" and run out the door. Lol.



Welp look up that song guys.









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