This is Me

This is me. The real me. The past I rarely share. The secrets I've hiden. My joy. My hurt. School. My friends. Everything.
This, this is me.


25. Rants and awkward Charlie moments....


Welp. I'm pretty mad.

I was in a group with these people and we did a roleplay journal. Me and my friend Zoey were the only ones that even tried to write. And we wrote an in character and an out of character EVERY DAY! Then everyone in the group was pissed at us because we were (quote) "Not taking it seriously and writting to many out of character things" (unquote) THAT MADE ME MAD! We were supposed to be ponies from my little pony. Me and Zoey and Hailey were the only ones that even tried to write. In the notebook was me, Zoey, Hailey, and 3 other girls. 2 of the girls wrote 4 times. Me and Zoey wrote like 20.We read everything. We responded to everything. And they get pissed at us. So Zoey wrote a whole page going off on them.

The funny thing is we were super mad that they had the nerve to go off on us. We were writting 2 more entries. On Monday we were quiting. We were sick of the people.

We were supposed to sit with them at lunch. Well, Hailey and Karen are like super good friends with the other girls so me and Zoey knew we'd be excluded at the table, so we didn't. Then Karen comes over and says "You're out. I'm sick of u guys." and I was like "Ok." and as soon as she left me and Zoey were like "YESSS!"

Seriously, she made a huge deal about it. The whole thing was a joke anyway! And we weren't serious enough? Like they don't believe that we were going to quit. They are all like "Haha. You want back in."

I really don't. We were mad that they went off on our entries and were quiting. I mean she got me MADDDDDDDD! I was going off on her during lunch to Zoey.


Sorry for my rant...... Bad week.....


Today was my play. I do another tomorrow. (Anyone in Anderson that knows were Highland is, come! It's 1-2-13 at 7pm! I'm Isabella in British Newly.

The plays were awesome. Main Street Graveyard was written by this boy Brant whose SOOO cute. And like as he was walking on stage to talk about how what play he wrote I was like "ELLI! ELLI! HE'S BRANT! HE'S SO CUTE! OMG!" Elli is like awesome and she's just like "OMG!" freaking out with me.

After the play I see all my good guy friends (But Tyler). Chandler, Noah, Matthew, Charlie, and Justin. So I go up to them and start talking to them. It was fun. Like they were all like "You did good!" "You were awesome!" then Charlie starts laughing and says "I saw you fall."

I slipped and almost fell. And like no one said anything until Charlie did. I was like "My guy friends are all idiots."

Oh and At the water foutain Chandler was behind me and I had no clue. (I was hanging with Chandler and Charlie most of the time after the show.) And I look at Charlie and drop all my stuff. So he looks at me funny and I say "My pants fell down." then I grab them, jump super high in the air, and pull them up. And Chandler is like "WHAT! U ALMOST JUMPPED ON ME!" then Charlie laughs for like 5 minutes.

It's so akward around Charlie sometimes. I swear every kid I know thought me and Charlie used to date. I was telling my friend something about him and he says "Wait, didn't you and Charlie used to date?" and I was like "No..." and he was like "WHAT!" and Justin and Hailey were like "WAIT! YOU NEVER DATED CHARLIE!" and I was like "Why does every1 think that?"

Clay, Hailey, Rachel, Justin, Noah, Matthew, Sarah, Wil, Tyler (M.), Logan, Hailey(So many Haileys), Caleb, and like 20 other people have asked me this. It's so weird. EVEN MY MOM THOUGHT I DATED CHARLIE! I was talking about this really funny thing her did and my mom says "Isn't he your boyfriend?" and I was like "No...?" and she says "Did you break up?" and I was like "I never dated him!"

I mean like.... Awkward. Lol....

Welp... Better go. :)

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