This is Me

This is me. The real me. The past I rarely share. The secrets I've hiden. My joy. My hurt. School. My friends. Everything.
This, this is me.


11. I am SICK of guys


I am SICK of guys. Why do they have to be so fudging complex. I understand 2 guys at school. TWO! Chandler and Tyler. And they are like the best guy friends a girl can ask for because they aren't confuseing. I love them, like I love a brother.

In social studies/2nd Period:

Charlie- Hey Sam!

Me- What Did Lucus say!

Charlie- He didn't really say anything, but somebody(devious smile) may have a boyfriend!

Me- (Blush, hids smile behind hand)

Charlie- Or not.... Could be either.

Me- (Moves hand) What? (confused face)

Charlie- Ok. He told me to tell you, "I'm not interested in a relationship, but I would like to stay friends."

Me- (Heart breaks) Ohh.... Okay... Wait does he li-


Me- (Heart breaks a little more.....)


In engineering(Period after social studied):

Me- (Walk in)

Lucus-(Standing at Regan and my desk) Hahahaha!

Me- (Blush. Walks slowly toward desk)

Jaun- SAM!

Me- Yeah?

Jaun- HI!

Me- Hi Jaun.....(Begins walking to desk again) Regan! What are you doing?

Lucus- (Turns around and sees me)

Regan- Playing Mancheaster

(Mancheaster is a very fun game. I'll explain l8er.)

Me(As Regan talks)- (Looks at lucus, blushes, bites lip and looks at ground)

Lucus- (Looks at me... Backs away from desk a little/He was infrount of my seat\)

Me- Why?


Lucus- (Walks away akwardly)

Me- (Frowns.... Sits down) UGGGGH! (Slams head on desk softly)

Then I played Mancheaster for the rest of the period....


Me- I'd never scream "Lets go to candy mountain Charlie!" In the middle of class.

Regan and Kayla- MANCHEASTER!

Me- UGHH! I hate you.

Kayla- That one was perfect!

Me- (Looks at Lucus who looks zoned out doing work) Ughhh. Fine. (Voice high pitched) LETS GO TO CANDY MOUNTAIN CHARLIE!

Lucus- (Turns around and looks at me funny)

Me- (Giggling to hid fact I feel stupid. Puts head down and trys to pretend Lucus isn't looking at her)


As you can see, I had a pretty great day. OHOHOH! And to top all of this off, Charlie hates me again.

And I had this conversaytion (texting)with him:

Me- Charlie. I'm freaked out. Can we talk

Charlie- I don't want to talk to you.

Me- You never fully explained if Lucus liked me and I'm confused!


Me- (Heart breaks more) You could have told me in school INSTEAD OF CONFUSING ME!


Oh and Zoey was messing with me and Tanner today and goes

"Tanner! Sam wants to lick you!" and Tanner desided to be creppy and yell

"OOOOOOOOHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" All slow like. I was like WHAT! And Levi goes "Sam!" and Tanner goes "Ohhhh Sammmmmm!" All slow like again and I'm like "TANNER! WHAT THE HECK!" and Zoey, Makinze, and Levi laughed. And I did 2.

I'm sad. I'm bout to go to bed.... Well I would if Glee wasn't coming on.

At drama club me Tyler and Karren got bored and took pitures of our tounges. L0L.

Awwwwwh! Virtual hug from Ari :)

I need a hug. It's funny how I say that, hinting that I want a hug, and the only people that chach on to that are Tanner, Zoey, and Ari. Chandler does, but he never hugs me. :(

Tanner gives the best hugs. Ik that's weird. But he does. Like I mean, right before you want to let go, he hugs you tighter. EVERYTIME! Today before drama club me and Zoey were walking down the hall and he runs up and goes "Why are you guys still here!"

So I'm Like "We have drama club!"

And this random kid hits Tanners head and runs away laughing and Tanner yells "WHO THE HECK WAS THAT KID!" and we all laughed.

Then Zoey hugged him and I stand there all akward. Then they let go and he keeps walking with us and I'm like "Fine. I see how it is. Don't hug me Tanner!"

And he says "Sorry Buddy." then like grabs my waist with one hand and put the other in his poket and I put my arm around his waist, then pull out my phone and hold it. And like he starts hugging me really hard(not sofocatingly, but tight) and we just walk like that. And Zoey calls her mom, and I just walk with Tanner. then he makes me pass the Autitorium and I'm like "Tanner. I gotta go Bud" and he goes "Sorry." really quiet. And he stands there and will not let go of me. And I'm like "Down the other hallway Tanner!" and point at the hallway (It was like an + thing. and we were in the center. The hallway I needed to go down was on the left and we were faceing the top... I hope that explains it well) so he flings me into the hallway and says "Later Sam. I'm going to parent pick up." And he walks away. And I swear I smelled him for like 5 minutes after that. Tanner has this smell, idk. But like, whenever I smell it I know Tanner is close by. Idk how to describe that.....





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