This is Me

This is me. The real me. The past I rarely share. The secrets I've hiden. My joy. My hurt. School. My friends. Everything.
This, this is me.


28. Friends. Acid. Suicide.


So one of my close friends unveiled some secrets to me today. So she has OCD. I think she's bipolar. And she cuts herself. She attemptited suicide. She also does drugs. Acid, cocain, weed. And during the week she gets high off pills. What am I suppose to do. I can't tell anyone. It isn't like I can be like "Hey (teacher/consler) my friend is adicted to drugs (acid, cocain, weed), gets high off pain killers, cuts herself, is bipolar, has OCD, and attempted suicide!" Cuz they could put her and her friends that give her the crap in JAIL! OR A MENTAL INSTITUTE! I wanna help her, not ruin her!

Those anonymous websites and hotlines NEVER understand.

Can't talk to my mom. She works at the highschool and would get these girls sent to juvy.

Teachers, nosy and don't help anything. In fact mostly they make it worse.

The only person I can think of to talk to would be Beth or Mandy(My church leaders). But idk how to tell them.


Another of my friends apparently cuts himself and attempted suicide. Again, can't help them.


Gosh, life is so complicated. I'm gonna go because the voice is on and I'm gonna cry again. I called Chandler and asked him what to do. I just wond up with him confused and me crying. :/

Right be4 I called I was crying also.


I hate crying.


Well buhbye my loyal buhnny boos who actually read this! Luv you guys.



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