This is Me

This is me. The real me. The past I rarely share. The secrets I've hiden. My joy. My hurt. School. My friends. Everything.
This, this is me.


19. Bad Day


So I wake up and I'm like "this'll be a great day!" I was wrong. The guy I've liked for like.... ALL YEAR(school year) is moving to APA schools. And so he told me and I was like "He's not leaveing without knowing the truth." So I write him this note about my bff from APA and how I like him and I'm gonna miss him and I gave it to him as he was about to leave. So he reads it as he VERY SLOWLY walks out the door. And then he turns around, smiles at me(sadly), and shuts the door. My heart felt like it shattered into a billion pieces. And he was happy when I walked into 7th period. And then Zoey told him I was dating Justin. He acted shocked, and then alittle later was sad. So I was like "What's up? You seem sad?" and he says "I'm switching to APA this is my last day at highland." So me and Zoey both scream WHAT! and he just nods.


Ok so now to the "dating" Justin thing.

Nateon writes me this not and it says "To Sam. From Justin. Want to go out?" and I scream "WHAT?!?!" like all confused and grossed out and Justin laughs. And I'm about to write no, when Hailey stole the paper. She writes yes and I'm freaking out tring to get it back and she throws it to Justin and Justin opens it up and he's laughing and looks at me and says "Seriously" and I'm like "I was writeing no, but Hailey stole my paper"

And now Hailey and Zoey are telling people I'm dating Justin. And so I go into 7th period and Zoey yells "DID YOU KISS JUSTIN YET!?!" and I'm like "I'm not dating Justin" and everyone else is like "Sam's dating Justin!" then I heard some1 go "awwwh" and someone was like "since when" and another person was like "Wait. SAM AND JUSTIN ARE DATING!" and everytime someone commented another person would walk in. So it's like "R u freaking kidding me!" So almost all of my 7th period class thinks I'm dating Justin.

And I had my first piano lesson today and it's so much harder then I expected.

So uhhh yeah, later.

I guess I'll tell you if my life is ruined on Monday. Bye! :(

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