This is Me

This is me. The real me. The past I rarely share. The secrets I've hiden. My joy. My hurt. School. My friends. Everything.
This, this is me.


21. Awkwardness... and School


So like last night me and this boy (I promised him I wouldn't tellanyone about the convo so his name shall stay annoynomus) were texting. And like both of us like someone from apa that likes us back but can't date them because long distance aand stuff. So we were talking about that. And then somehw the convo changed to like weird dreams were we kiss people we don't like. Then he said "I know this is weird, but I kinda want to know what it's like to kiss someone," and I was all like "Me too," and then he says "I must be dreaming." And I got really confused. I thought he was implying he wanted o kiss me or something so I was like 'EWWW NO!" and then he was lost and I told him what I tought he ment and he was like "Eww! No." and then the convo stoped and at school I saw him and I'm like "We have awkward convos," and he laughed.

Ok. So I am going to say 3 things bout school.

#1 is about Matthew, Charlie, and Noah.

Ok so we are in social studies(2nd Period) and like me and Kirstin and Ashley are in a group working on the project and Matthew and Charlie are next to us. Well me and Kirstin look over at them and they are like staing at each other and I think Charlie was saying something. But Kirstin whispers "Awwh. Look at them get there flirt on!" and like me her and Ashley start craking up. And we are laughing and we all keeping looking at them while we laugh. And when we stop they are both looking at us. So we laugh even more. And then like Charlie and Matthew keep trying to find out what made us laugh so much and we refused to tell them.

Then on the way to lunch me and Kirstin and Ashley saw Matthew like hug Noah. And Kirstin and Ash both go "Omg did they just hug?" and I go "OH MY GOSH! Matthews cheating on Charlie! Poor Charlie." and then we all laugh and Matthew turns around and says "What's so funny?" and Kirstin says "Did you two just hug?!?!?" and Matthew and Noah both go "Nonononononononononononon!" and it was like they were covering something up. (Ik Noah isn't gay. He may be bi.. probley not though. Matthew I'm unsure about. I'm pretty sure he isn't gay but idk. Charlie I'm really not sure about. I don't think so. I mean I'm 98% sure he's not but there are moments I'm like.. Woah.. Ya know what I mean? moveing on....) And then Kirstin says "Matthew I can't believe you'd cheat on him like that. It's wrong. You should tell him it's over before you go out with another guy!" and me and Ash start craking up and Matthew and Noah get so confused. Then Kirstin starts craking up.


#2 is Art class.

KK. So new semester. New classes. I have art with Hailey now. And these two guys. Logan and Clay. Clay is like freaking hilarious and Logan is funny but he's quiter then Clay. Omg. ok so like we are sitting in art class and like freaking the teacher leaves. And this guy screams "Everyone shut your face!" and Clay says "Yeah.. Shut your face... Batch!" (Batch is his word for b!tch. And he says it hilariously)  And like everytime someone would say something he'd be like "Batch." and like he was talking about his grandma's parrot and he goes "Polly wants a f***ing cracker!.... Batch" and like me Logan and Hailey start cracking up. Then helooks at me and says "What you laughing at... Batch" and I like died. And then I look at Logan and like we look at each other for like 2 seconds and Clay goes "BATCH!" and me and Logan start craking up. Then a few mintues l8er the teacher walks in and he goes "It's the batch! It's the batch! Oh!" then he stands and says "Logan it's the batch!" then he kicks the table and he goes "Ahh son of a batch!" and like then l8er Hailey and Clay were making basketts with this paper wad (we have bucketts on the desk for pencial shavings) and then Clay throws the paper wad and hits me in the face. And Logan and Hailey just crake up. (Logan isn't that bad looking. Just saying ) So like I take the paper wad and hit Clay's shoulder. Art is so fun when the teacher leaves.


#3 Sipes.

So I sit behind Chivas in Mrs. Sipes's class(Language. 7th Period) Well Chivas starts singing and he sings "Don't be mean to me..." and I sing "Unless you're a fish!" And then me him and Kodie laugh and Chivas sings "Don't be mean to me unless you're a fish!" and I go "Cuz then I can b!tch slap you!" and then we laughed for like 10 mintues and like Chivas screams "I'LL B!TCH SLAP YOU FISH!" then slap his hand. Then I told Kirstin, Chandler, and Ashley about the song and they all thought Chivas thought of the b!tch slap part. So wen they found out it was me they laughed even harder. And me and Chivas said we'd be singing it in 4th period. Lol.


Guess that's it for the day.  I promise I'll get better at remembering to put the date. :P

Buh bye BATCH!

jk. Buh Bye Buhnny Boos.







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