This is Me

This is me. The real me. The past I rarely share. The secrets I've hiden. My joy. My hurt. School. My friends. Everything.
This, this is me.


17. Akward realizations :/

I realized 4 very akward things that prob keep me from haveing a bf.

1. I always announce when I have to pee.

EX#1: Like 10-20(ish) minutes ago me and my Dad were talking about what we we going to eat for dinner and I just say "I need to pee" and walk upstairs to the bathroom.

EX#2: We were at novel club and my friend was telling me a story and I was like "I'll be back" and she's like "where are you going" so I say "I gotta waz(that be explained in akward realization 2)" and then I start to walk out and the teacher is like "Where are you going Sam" and so I scream "I NEED TO PEE! GOSH! GET OFF MY BACK!" and I just walk out the door. Then I hear like everyone in the room laugh. (Boy how I love teachers who never decipline)


2. I say waz in school to my friends instead of saying pee. But I only do that when guys are around. :/ But I still announce it! I mean it's like this horrible habbit I can't stop. :/


3. I may fangirl over..... everything that invovles one direction.

EX#1: *someone in 1D tweets* "OMG!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH! I LOVE YOU!!!! *spaz attak*

EX#2: *one direction performs live* "*lays on bed and has a spaz attack while calling ari* OMG LOUIS IS SO HOT! AHHHHHH!"


^SUB EXAMPLE^ I was reading a fanfic called "The Slave Auction" right before I edited this chapter. I was flipping out. Lol... Niall is so akward in that. AND SHE MADE LOUIS SEEM LIKE A JERK! which brings me too...


4. I have this image in my head of Louis Tomlinson and it's like, near perfection(I'd say perfection but nobody is perfect.) and when people talk bad about him then Ari has to hold me back.... Or I maaaaayyyyyy sorta go kinda murderous....

EX#1: Chick in slave auction made Louis cheat on his gf

My Reaction: NO! OH NO! LOUIS WOULD NEVER DO THAT! NO! HE IS LOYAL AND NICE AND FUNNY! DON'T MAKE UP LIES! OHHHHH! and then I texted Ari sorta telling her I wanted to go off on the chick and Ari had to calm me down. BUT I'M GETTING ALLL FIRED UP AGIAN............................................. Please excuse my temper..

EX#2: So I'm standing behind my friend Bradon and I heard him say "I hate one direction. Espically that Louis kid. He's so ugly(this hurts me to type) and annoying. And his voice in horrible. And the red jeans... just pathtic. I hope someone(Ugh... hands hurting.) just shots him so I don't have to hear about him any more"  So I turned around and grabed Bradon's arm and put it mehind his back and pused his face against the wall he was next to and scream "TAKE IT BACK! TAKE IT BACK NOW!" and he goes "NO!"  So I kicked him really hard and yelled it again. and he wouldn't so Ari, Anna(Bradon's gf), and Taylor had to pull me off of him and I was just being held in the air kicking and screaming "NO! HE NEEDS TO APPOLOGIZE!" and stuff like that.... Then I woke up. But I would do that.... Well mabey not as mean, but I would make him take it back...


So yeah... That's prob 4 reason's I don't have a bf.... That and I can be really weird...



BUH BYE BUHNNIES! (And thanks for sticking with the story this long. This is mostly just a random outlet for me.)


OH YEAH! And before I forget... be on the look out for a Zayn fanfic I writing. Those who like to read my movellas know I can't stand publishing with just one chapter.... Or mabey you didn't know that... WELL NOW U DO! So it'll be awhile. That and I'm trying to get some amazing suspence built before I just end a random chapter with a clift hanger so you guys will be like

ajsbfiwegfkuwgefihbieughnbdsfjhgrihgse  WHHHHHAAAAAA???!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I want to have the all time most popular movella... but that'll never happen :(



wait we already did that..


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