Change My Life

When kendall miles boards a plane to go to london for the summer to see her mum, she tells herself to stay away from boys. she then finds herself in a situation making it hard to break that rule. should she forget or follow her heart?


9. suprises

I hug my mom again and she holds me tightly. "Mum? How did you pay for all this?" she pulls back and smiles. "I didn't. Go look up in your room!" she laughs and nudges me toward my room. I smile nervously kind of scared for what i'm about to see. i knock and peek my head in slowly. there sitting on the ground playing with my puppy is liam. I gasp quietly and liam looks up. "Kens what's wrong? Do you not like it?" Liam asks sadly. "No! i love it! why did you do this?" " i figured you would need a few things-" "A few things?! Liam this is a tiny shopping mall in my bedroom!" he laughs and smiles a little. i walk up and hug him. "Thankyou liam." i whisper quietly. "you're welcome" we keep huggin til the puppy starts scratching at our legs feeling left out. "I need to name you!"  say to myself. "is it a boy or girl?" i ask liam. "girl" i smile and think to myself... good name good name... hm. "Nala!" i say aloud. " I love it." liam says smiling. i put her down as she sleepily skips towards her puppy bed. "i'm going to get my bags." "i'll come with" liam says happily. we walk down the stairs and pick up the bags and take them back upstairs. "i'm a  bit hungry. want anything?" i ask walking back out the door. liam jogs behind me as i walk into the living room. "Want to watch a movie?" "Disney marathon?!" "yes!" i say excitedly back. he hands me a big wrapped box. "this is for you my dear." he says bowing. i giggle and open it slowly. inside there are three rows of... Disney movies! i pick three randomly and hand them to him. " Monsters Inc., 101 dalmations, and Finding Nemo!" he says reading them off. he pops one in and go to the kitchen to make a bowl of popcorn. i feel two strong arms wrap around me and lift me up. i turn around and hug him. "Thankyou for everything liam." he smiles and says" i have one more thing for you." i roll my eyes and whine "Another thing li? isn't it enough?" he laughs and pulls out onesies! mine is black and white dalmation while his is cowboy. i run to the bathroom quickly and change. i come back out and liam is in his. "you look so cute" he says smiling. "i'd like to say the same for you!" i laugh back. i grab the popcorn and slide back to the living room. the movie starts and liam sits down next to me. i snuggle into his chest and begin watching the movie'. after the first one liam puts in monsters inc. i watch that one too but then start to yawn. liam looks at my and says "bed time?" i smile sleepily and nod. i hear my mom come down the stairs and go into the kitchen. "carry me?" he laughs slitghly and picks my up like a toddler and carries me up to me room. he sets me up in my bed and i can here him pull out my fouton(i dont know how to spell it sorry!) i hear him whisper goodnight then fall into a deep sleep.


A/N sorry i haven't posted in forever literally. but when i tried my computer would be dumb a shut down. so i hope uou like the chapter. ill update asap. love you all- Ellie

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