Change My Life

When kendall miles boards a plane to go to london for the summer to see her mum, she tells herself to stay away from boys. she then finds herself in a situation making it hard to break that rule. should she forget or follow her heart?


5. meet the rest of the band

"um liam who is this?" i here and irish say from behind us. "oh sorry, let me introduce my self, i am kendall your new manager's daughter." i say apoligizing. "oh hey! i'm niall" he says back. "i'm harry..." a cute green eyed boy says cheekily. "i'm zayn" the quiet, black haired one says. "and I'M LOUIS!" a blue eyed, brown-haired boy yells. i laugh and yell back "I'M KENDALL" he smiles and says "you picked a good one liam" he then winks and sits down. i turn deep red and so does liam. we then look at eachother and smile. i see louis watching a movie and i also see it is scary... i LOVE scary movies! i go and jump over the back of the couch next to louis and scream "SCARY MARATHON!" all the boys laugh and run over too. except liam who turns white and walks over. "liam are you ok?" i ask with concern. "yea i'm fine."he replies we watch all the paranormal movies and i turn to liam who is covering his eyes. "liam what's wrong?" i ask. " i don't really like scary movies..." he replies sheepisshly. "oh, i'm sorry liam. we didnt need to watch them you should have told me?" "it's ok" "to make it up to you i will watch any movie you want!" i say. "any movie?" he says peeking through his hands. "any movie" i say smiling. he smiles and yells "TOY STORY TRILOGY!" "i love those movies!"i yell back. we both jump around like little girls and laugh. all the other boys had gone to bed earlier so it was him and me. "i'll make popcorn!" i yell.  he laughs and puts the movie in. i return with the popcorn and see he built a fort for us to lay in. "a fort! yay! i yell excitedly. he laughs and we crawl inside and star shivering. he looks at me and asks "are you cold?" "yea kinda..." i say back. he hands me a blanket and we watch the movie. by the middle of the second one we both fell asleep. i had good dreams of me and liam acting like the little kids we are.



sorry the chapters are so short but i will try to write everyday. thanks for reading:)


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