Change My Life

When kendall miles boards a plane to go to london for the summer to see her mum, she tells herself to stay away from boys. she then finds herself in a situation making it hard to break that rule. should she forget or follow her heart?


4. meet the band

i woke up to my dad carefullly shaking me awake. "morning. sorry i woke you but we will be leanding in 5 minutes." "oh no worries. i should wake up ali anyways" i say slightly yawning. "alli wakey wakey!" i say loud enough to wake her up. "wha...? oh hi.." she says groggily. "mornin sunshine! Were landing in 5 minutes" i say enthusiastically. " ok." *5 minutes later* we just landed and got our bags. i heard my stomach grumble and i looked at my dad hopeful. "hey dad im reeeally hungry" i say stretching out the really. "ok where do you want to go? it needs to be quick so we can get to the studio." "umm nandos!" ali and i both say quickly. 'ok then nandos it is!" my dad said.  my dad called a cab and we drove to the nearest nandos" " hello may i take your order?" "a #1 please' i say quickly. dad and ali have the same. we go sit down and my dad gets up to go to the bathroom. i ge up to wash my hands and i rn into someone. i hit the ground on my butt and i get up quickly and turning red. "i'm so sorry miss, i didn't see you coming." he says embaressed. "it's ok" i say looking in his beautifil brown eyes. " i'm sorry are you ok? i didnt mean to! im sorry it just i was lost in my thoughts and-" i cut him off by saying "its ok! im fine. do not worry! by the way i am kendall. but you can call me kens" i say holding out my hand to him. "hi i am liam" he says shaking it softly. we stare at eachother for a few moments until i here ali clear her throat. "oh i'm sorry i have to go. i'm glad to meet you" i say and shake his hand and leave. "goodbye! i hear him yell to me. i laugh and walk away. we grab our food and go to the studio and my dad goes to talk to some people. ali and i start walking to the studio and we walk in and sit at a tableand eat our meal. we were talking quietly and i hear mumbling and then we she a face through a window in a door. i see a pair of brown eyes peaping at me  then pop back behind the door. i went and crept out of view and open the door and see one brown eyed boy fall on the floor and look up at me. i starrt giggling after a moment he does too. he starts to get up and i give him a hand and he pulls me down nest to him and we start cracking up. ali comes and laughs at us then sits down and finishes. "wait liam? i say confused" "guilty" he says back. "i didn't reconize you at nandos." i say laughing."i must admit i didnt know if i would see you again" he says back to me. "im glad i did though" he says quickly. 'me too." we laugh and satnd up. i could tell this is going to be a great friendship.

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