Change My Life

When kendall miles boards a plane to go to london for the summer to see her mum, she tells herself to stay away from boys. she then finds herself in a situation making it hard to break that rule. should she forget or follow her heart?


3. graduation and airplanes

as the graduation song comes on i walk down one of the isles next to my bestfriend allison. i was so nervous. thank goodness i was not one of the ones giving a speech. but it was a very long ceremony. i can't complain though i was one of the first to gert my diploma because of my honors grades.

allison was the very last and after the ceremony ended we had to leave so i could pack. i was going to miss her so bad. i might not get to see her again. we went up to my room when we got back and i looked at all of my boxes. and sighed. "whats wrong kens?" ali asked me worried. " i'm going to be so lonely. i'm going to miss you so bad!" she and i hugged eachother crying. my dad came in and asked to talk to ali. she nodded wiping away her tears, and walked out with him. i could here them wispering and she came back in. ali looked at me and hugged me, after a minute she whispered in my ear "your and my parents said i could move in with you." i pulled away and looked at her shocked. she smiled and laughed, asking what's wrong.
"oh nothing but i could not be happier."

she drove home and packed all her things and called a cab to meet us at the airport. she ran up to me at the gate and hugged me. "you ready!?" she asked excited as we pulled away. "as i will ever be!" "FLIGHT 146 BOARDING NOW!" the intercom said. "that's us!" ali said excitedly. "yup! let's go. my dad is over there" i said pointing to where we board. "this is only the third time i have ever been to london", i said to ali. "really? i thought you would have visited more then that!"' she replied to me. "i tried to, but between volleyball, theater, and singing i couldnt" i said shrugging my shoulders. we then boarded. when we took off and it was safe to i unbuckled my seat belt and put my iPod on shuffle out my headphones on and slowly drifted off.

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