Change My Life

When kendall miles boards a plane to go to london for the summer to see her mum, she tells herself to stay away from boys. she then finds herself in a situation making it hard to break that rule. should she forget or follow her heart?


2. good news and bad news

*knock knock*

"come in!" i yell across my room. right after i say that my dad walks in with a worried expression.

"uh, hi sweety. i think we need to talk"

" What's wrong dad?" i say confused and nervous of what he is going to stay.

"well i just got a phone call from a record company in London. they have hired me as a new manager for their new boyband."

"oh." was all i could spit out.

" i know i promised to have a work- free summer with the family, but this a great oppritunity. we are going to leave the day after you graduate. we are not going to be able to get up to the house for a week."

my mind was filled with sad thoughts. but i answered him with a nod and a small smile.

" i also talked to the producer about maybe helping you with recording a song..."

my mouth dropped, i swear, to the ground. i could not believe this. i screamed and jumped into my dad's arms. "ahhhhhh!!!! daddy! thankyou so much! tjis is incredible!"

"he smiled and said no problem and he was happy i was happy."

the next two and a half weeks went by so quickly. finally it was graduation.

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