Change My Life

When kendall miles boards a plane to go to london for the summer to see her mum, she tells herself to stay away from boys. she then finds herself in a situation making it hard to break that rule. should she forget or follow her heart?


6. day out

A/N i'm sorry i didnt update yesterday my day slipped away from me. but i will try to do a longer one today! anyways thanks for reading. please give me some feedback. thanks!! :)

-<3 ellie


liam's pov

i wake up groggily and fell a small weight on my chest, literally. i look down and see kendall snuggled in my chest covered in a blnket. it was still late and i noticed the third movie was playing. (i have a nonstop "trilogy" dvd) i start watching and my eyes star closing. before they close the song comes on "you've got a friend in me. you've got a friend in me..." i look down at kendall and whisper "you've got a friend in me kens don't you forget it." then i slowly nod off until i hear kendall softly breath. oh well i'll try later

kendalls pov

"yo've got a friend in me kens don't you ever forget it." i hear liam say. great friend zoned all ready! i tink to myself. i try to think more but i'm so sleppy, i just cuddle inn closer to liam. "i love you li" "i love you too kens" i hear liam whisper back i thought he was asleep. crap oh well. i'll go back to sleep.

*10 hours later*

"wake up love birds!!" i hear louis scream at the top off his lungs. i realize what he said and blush deeply and snuggle into liam chest to hide my face. "lou let her sleep she's so peaceful." i hear liam whisper. i softly snore to indicate i'm asleep. "liam mate... do you fancy her?" i listen intently as lou asks. "idk mate... she's perfect. she's beautiful, funny, and perfect. just ddon't tell anyone ok..?" i hear liam say i then take the liberty of "waking up". "morning guys" i say slowly looking up to see louis, liam, and then i see a naked harry walk in. "HARRY PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!"i yell mortified. liamglares at him then he and lou start laughing. "pervs!" i yell getting up and sheilding my eyes. i look and see liam staring at my. i suddenly get uncormfortable, "what?" i ask looking down. "oh nothing... so what do you guys want to do today?" liam ask taking his eyes off me and changing subject. "since it was summer i yelled "the beach!" "sounds good." all the boys responded all of them now being awake, and dressed might i add. "um my suit is across the hall in my bag. i will go get it" i say getting up. "i'll go with!" iam declares loudly blusing deep red. "ok, come along" "the reast of you get ready"liam says. i see he's wearing his so i tell them to meet us downstairs. they agree and disperse as we walk out shutting the door behind us. i unlock the door and walk up to my case, messing the clothes up tring to find my suit. "oh no! i didn't bring a suit! crap!" yell frantically. "calm down babe we will go pick up a few k?" liam says calmly. "ok thanks" he text the boys telling them to wait here til we get back. we walk out the door and down the stairs going out the door. we walk in the dorr of a summery boutique. "liam find some for me to try on! i can't decide" i say whining. "ok ok! i will go wait by the changing room." he says searching the rack. i go sit down and after two minutes he comes back with like five bikinis. i grab them and go into the changing room shutting the curtain. the first i try on is a white bikini that has orange and turquise designs on it. it was adorable! i quickly pulled it on and lpooked in the mirror i dont know... i'll ask liam. "li?" "yes?" he responds sitting down. "you want to see?" "yea" i walk out and cross my arms and stand straight like and liam is looking me up and down with ginormus eyes. "well what do you think?" i ask nervously. "perfect" he replies i smile and try on the rest liking them all. liam ends up buying me all of them and i change into a lime green one and we go tback. we pick up the boys and head to the beach. when we get there i go to a nice spot in the sun and take my cover up off and put my towel down. all they boys come and they are all staring at me. oh no.. what did i do...?


*a/n ok guys this is going to sound crazy but i drafted most of this esrlier today and about two hours ago i got in a car crash and i don't think i can finish this chapter tonight sorry ik i promised but honestly with all i have been through today im ok with it. again sorry! love you all!

-ellie *

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