Change My Life

When kendall miles boards a plane to go to london for the summer to see her mum, she tells herself to stay away from boys. she then finds herself in a situation making it hard to break that rule. should she forget or follow her heart?


7. day out (continued)

i start running away toward a small area of tables. i pick up my phone and csll ali. "hello?" "hi ali it's me kendall." i say slowly back. "kens! are you ok?" she replies yelling. "im fine. can you meet me at the beach?" "sure". "k. byers" ali had been visiting family for a little bit so i hadn't talked to her since lunch yesterday. i hear footsteps and panting coming from behind me. "are you ok?" i  hear liam ask me from a few feet away. "yea i just felt uncomfortable having you all stare at me." i say looking down. "oh i'm sorry. why are you so uncorfortable with your body?" liam asks with a sad expression in his eyes. "i just don't think... im just not.." i say quietly. "well you shouldn't be. you're so beautiful. don't forget it ok?" "ok thanks liam. you're a great friend." i say hugging him.

liam's pov:

great friend zoned already! i think to myself. she really shouldn't be so insecure she is so beautiful." come on let's go back" i say smiling. even though it hurt for her not to think of me as more. "piggyback?" she asks smiling with pleading eyes. "i guess..." i say sarcastically. "yay!" she says and jumps on my back. i run back to the boys and set her down. i see her friend ali? i think it is run down to her asking if she's all right while hugging her tightly. "i'm fine" she says while pulling away. i look over and see niall looking at her friend and blushing. ali looks over and sees him and smiles. "ali this is liam, zayn, louis, harry, and niall!" kendall says indicating each one. "hi i'm niall." he says quickly shaking her hand. "i know. and i am ali" she says shaking his back. they pull away and smile at eachother. "who wants to swim!?" kendall and i yell at the same time. everyone nods and gets ready. i pick kendall up a run to the dock and stand at the edge. "don't drop me!" she yells screaming. "ok!" i say smirking "1 2 3!" i yell and jump in with her. "ahh! it's so cold in here!" she yells squirming in my arms. i laugh and go underwater with her and go back up she starts laughing nd i ask her if we can talk. "i talked your dad ast night, and you have to go in a trip.." i say looking "sad". "what? why? we just got here?" she says looking hurt. "the thing is you're going with us... on tour!" i reply. "really yay!" she says screaming back. "can ali come too?" she asks pleadingly. "yup. we are leaving in a month so you can go see the rest of your family." "ok yay!" she yells excitedly we go back to shore and dry off. it has been a very good day.

A/N hi everybody. thamkyou for reading! thankyou for any and all feedback!-ellie

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