Change My Life

When kendall miles boards a plane to go to london for the summer to see her mum, she tells herself to stay away from boys. she then finds herself in a situation making it hard to break that rule. should she forget or follow her heart?


1. I am Kendall

Hi, my name is Kendall Miles. I just turned 18 and i am graduating in 3 weeks. My parents are still together and i am one of three kids. my little brother tommy and my little sister megan are 7 and 4, cutest kids on earth! my mom moved to london for work and brought them with. i stayed here with my dad so i could finish my senior year and he could finish his work. He and i are going to move to London  this summer. after i graduate i plan on going to London's School of Performing Arts. and if i forgot to mention... I LOVE ONE DIRECTION! especially Liam Payne. well enough about my life. bye!

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