Nobody Compares

Thaliah and her friend Eleanor go to a one direction concert and get surprised who they find in the way, it was one direction! after that niall seemed to have fallen for thaliah, and louis for eleanor. this story takes unexpected turn of events turn out to eleanor and thaliah stop being friends, due to the fact that thaliah falls for both niall and louis, and dates them both! ( not at the same time) than after a while thaliahs ex, who raped her comes back and tries getting in between her and niall.
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-celi :)


2. what a day!


we finally arrived at the stadium. it was pretty big and full of cars! louis parked in the back, and they let us through the back since we were with them. As a 'Thank You' Liam gave both of us backstage tickets for after the concert. 

Now i cant wait for the concert to end! like forreal backstage tickets??? thats something we couldve NEVER afford. We must be like the luckiest girls in the world right now! starting off by seeing them in person! and second by actually riding in a car with them! and then getting to talk to them and get backstage tickets!"


"Okay, guys. how far are yall from the stage?" asked zayn.

"oh, were like in the first row" i answered. "thats great! okay so after the concert everyone with backstage tickets will enter from the side door, so thats where yall come in from okay?" he said. "we got it!" i said, and we each went our on ways. 


so we found our spots, and now all we were waiting for was the boys! and there they were, looking so adorable! Louis in his suspenders and obviously a stripped shirt, Liam in his plaid shirt, Zayn in a varsity jacket, Niall in a polo shirt, and Harry with a regular White Tee.

Niall seemed to be looking for somebody in the crowd, i mean i would be watching him, i have like this huge crush on him. But i mean its whatever, Niall is Niall, and am just an ordinary girl from Visalia, California. he would never put his eyes on me .

Then all of a sudden, i caught Niall starring at me, and as soon as i see him he turned away really fast! could it be? i mean maybe there is a probability in me having a chance with him.. but i dought it.

Then i look at him again and hes looking at me again! but this time he smiles at me! God, that was the most beautiful smile ever!! and it was for me! "yay!" i said to myself. i Noticed Niall was looking at me alot throughout the whole concert, and honestly i was loving it! 


































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