Nobody Compares

Thaliah and her friend Eleanor go to a one direction concert and get surprised who they find in the way, it was one direction! after that niall seemed to have fallen for thaliah, and louis for eleanor. this story takes unexpected turn of events turn out to eleanor and thaliah stop being friends, due to the fact that thaliah falls for both niall and louis, and dates them both! ( not at the same time) than after a while thaliahs ex, who raped her comes back and tries getting in between her and niall.
**some spelling and grammar might be off, sorry /: please like, comment, and become an fan !! :) **
-celi :)


1. a drive to remember


~'honk honk!' i heard Eleanor honk and honk the her cars horn. i can't believe this day was finally here! the day i'd see One Direction perform only a couple feet away. We got first row tickets and i just couldn't wait!

"Are you coming? Were making One Direction wait! You don't want that! " she flipped her hair and winked at me. she always does that to act 'cool & funny' and it always works.

"i do want to look sexy you know, am meeting my future husband " i messed with her, took one last look im the mirror and thought to my self 'oh sexy thing' and walked out the door.

"~they don't know about the the things we do they don't know about the i love yous --" we sang on our way there.

"hey look Eleanor! someone's car broke down maybe we should see if we can help?" i said looking at the red bus parked only a couple feet infront of us.

she parked next to us and found ourselves with our mouths wide open! it was one direction, Niall! Zayn! Liam! Louis! Harry! i had like five mini heart attacks all at once. i couldn't believe it.

"hello ladies, were one dire--" they said and got interrupted by us excitedly yelling "we know!!" with a smile from side to side.

"um as y'all may see.. our bus broke down and we were on our way to our concert .. do you think y'all can drive us there? " said Niall with that gorgeous Irish accent and that perfect smile.

"of course! that's were were headed!" i said smiling. 


"thank you so much" "so what's yalls name? am Niall" i say with a cheesy smile.

"well my name is Thaliah" one of the girls said. she was incredibly gorgeous with her medium length curly brown hair, and those braces that made her smile stand out, and then her eyes, a light caramel color. she was just simply beautiful!

"and am Eleanor" said the other girl, she was pretty too but not as gorgeous as Thaliah.

Louis seemed to be interested in Eleanor, and he made it so obvious too! 

"well this will be an interesting drive!" Zayn says and we get in the Van.

Louis decided to drive from there to the concert, then Eleanor sat next to him on the passangers seat, me and Thaliah in the middle, and Liam, Harry and Zayn in the Back.

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