Me and you

Brittney, Grace, Sydney, and Paige spent all summer saving up for tickets to go see their favorite band. One Direction. When they go to the concert they win a meet and greet to meet the boys lttle do they know their lives would change forever.


31. Me and you

Liam's POV
I slept over at Niall and Grace's house last night because of Brit an the others and their yearly tradition. I wanted to be there for her and comfort her but i was pushed away. I left Niall's early like around 6 so i could go home and see Brittney i was planning on taking her out today. 
Zayn's POV
I got home around 12 last night. It was only me that night because Paige was at Brittney and Liam's. I got in the shower and then went to bed. The next morning i was woken up but my phone buzzing.
'Hello' i said
'Hey sorry to wake you just wanted to see how your night was' it was paige
'Oh hey love it was ok i had fun with the boys but i miss you when will you be home'
'Im leaving right now. Its only 6 but i wanted to see you the others left too'
'Ok well ill see you when you get home love you with all my heart'
'Love you too with all my heart and more bye'
She hung up and i set my phone down and fell back asleep.
Paige's POV
When i got home i found Zayn asleep in bed so i put on some sweat shorts and a tank top and climbed in bed next to him. I kissed his forehead then turned to my side facing away from him and shut my eyes. Not to much longer he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close to his body. I turned around and pressed my lips to his. It started out slow then got more and more passionate. I did not pull away for a while. He started to slide my tank top up. Soon my shirt was off. 
"Now?" I asked
He nodded and kissed me again
Liam's POV
When i got home i found brittney in the bed watching the tele. I dropped my stuff and jumped on the bed next to her. I crashed my lips to hers. She laid down and i rolled on top.
"Hello to you too" she said
I rolled off of her and laid next to her.
"What do you say me and you go out to dinner tonight?" I asked sitting up
"Sure sounds fun" she said as she sat up. I patted my lap indicating her to sit on it. When she sat down i wrapped my arms around her and kissed her cheek. She giggled a little bit and then got up.
"Where are you going?" I asked
"To go take a shower" she said 
"Can i come?" 
"If you want"
I quickly got up and ran in to the bathroom with her.
Harry's POV
I was in the shower when i heard Sydney come in. I quickly got out and put some pants on. I walked out and saw Sydney in the living room. I walked up and spun her around the crashed my lips to hers. 
"I missed you" i said
"I missed you too" she said and kissed me again
"I love you so much. Just me and you for ever and ever" i said
She nodded and kissed my forehead i let her go. She walked into the bathroom and turned on the water. I laid on the bed and drifted off to sleep.
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