Me and you

Brittney, Grace, Sydney, and Paige spent all summer saving up for tickets to go see their favorite band. One Direction. When they go to the concert they win a meet and greet to meet the boys lttle do they know their lives would change forever.


20. Grace!!!!

Brittney's POV

It was tuesday and the girls and i had lunch with Eleanor. I got picked up around 12 to go meet Eleanor and the others. Paige had came to pick me up. when we got to the reserant Eleanor and the others were at the table.

"Brit!" Sydney and grace screamed

"Um thanx i feel the love" Paige said

"Paige!" they screamed

We sat there and talked about Eleanors engagement. we had become really close and we were planning on hanging out agian.

When i was dropped off at home i found samantha asleep in bed. It was only 3:30 but she must have not had slept in a few days. I walked into the bed room to find Liam asleep as well. I jumped into the shower and once i got out i got into pjs and got in bed with Liam and turned on the TV. I was watching something on TLC when Liam woke up.

"Hey love when did you get home?" Liam asked as he sat up and kissed me

"Around 3:30" I said kissing him agian

"Oh sam came home at 2 and said she was going to take a nap before leaving again... her friends are having a sleepover and wanted her to come"

"Sounds good when is she leaving?"

"At 4:30"

"Thats in 10 minutes"

As i was saying that sam walked in

"Hi" I said

"Hey im leaving my friend Alex is here bye love ya"

"Bye love ya too"

I heard the door shut. As soon as Liam heard the door shut he started to kiss me again.

"Liam..." i said as i pulled away

"Ya" he said

"Can this wait til i am 100% sure"

"Sure" he said and kissed me agian. Liam was perfect and i had to wait a little longer i am only 18.

I got out of bed and headed to the kitchen to get Liam and I a snack when I got a call.

"hello?" I said

"Hi is this Brittney Barger?"

"Um Yes and this is?"

"Hi my name is Juilet I need you to report the hospital as soon as possible."

"Um yes but why?"

"Your friend Grace dant is in the hospital she had an accendent earlier this morning and Niall Horan taold Me to call you, Sydney Spendlove, and Paige Shill"

"I am on my way!"

I hung up the phone and got Liam. we headed to the hostpital. when we got there every one else was already there and Sydney and Paige were crying.

"What happened" I asked starting to cry

"She was in the bathroom after taking a shower and she slipped and hit her head on the edge of the counter" Niall said as a tear escaped his eye.

I started to cry harder and Liam wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear that every thing was going to be ok.

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