Me and you

Brittney, Grace, Sydney, and Paige spent all summer saving up for tickets to go see their favorite band. One Direction. When they go to the concert they win a meet and greet to meet the boys lttle do they know their lives would change forever.


39. Gone

Brittney's POV
Every one left around 8 that night and sam and ethan went out to a movie and were going to stay at his house for the night. That left me and my future husband. The words made me smile. Liam payne was my future husband. I walked into our room. Liam was laying on the bed with no shirt watching tv. His abs showing and his v-lines. I jumped in bed next to him. I laid my head on his warm bare chest. It rising up an down with each breath. His arm wrapped around my waist pulling me in closer. He kissed the top of me head. I smiled. I looked down at the new ring that now lived in my left ring finger. It was breath taking. Silver band with a medium diamond in the middle with a small diamond on each side and a small blue next to it. 
"We are getting married" i said. It was like a dream. "Haha yes we are you are ganna be mrs. Payne" liam said and planted a small kiss on top of me head. I snuggled my head into his chest. I was soon to be brittney payne. At that moment i knew every thing was going to be ok. Sam and i are in a permanent home. Im going to college, sam has a good school and great friends, i met the love of my life. Life was great. I let my self drift off into sleep. Wrapped in liams arms i felt safe. It felt right. ~*~ the next morning i woke up to find liam next to me. The covers hung over his shoulders. I sat up and leaned over to kiss liam on the cheek. I was about to get out of bed when liam wrapped his arms around me waist and pulled me on top of him. His warm torso touching my blue tank top. I giggled and pressed my lips to his. I wrapped my arms around his neck deepening the kiss. "I love you" he said. Pulling away. "I love you" i said back and kissed him again. I got up off his body and made my way out of bed. I headed to the shower. 
Sydney's POV
Brittney and liam were getting married, im starting college soon, the boys are leaving soon. My life was full of ups and downs right now. I got out of bed and head to the couch in the front room. I sat down and decided to go on my laptop. I logged on to my email. I scrolled through them one by one deleting the junk mail. I clicked on the next one. Prof reading before deleting. Next on. I started to read:
Hey beautiful,
Its been a while but i want to see how you were doing? Well aussi is amazing! I miss you so much! Well im going to be in town for a while wanted to see if maybe we could get a coffee or something ya know like olden time:) write me back!!
Valerie : i gasped. I haven't heard from my cousin in 3 years ever since she left for college in Australia. I wrote back instantly. I heard Harry come out and i felt his arms wrap around me as i shut the laptop and snuggled my head into his neck. Today was going to be great!
Brittney's POV
Liam and i were in the living room watching a movie. His arm around me and my head on his chest. My brown hair put up in a side braid. We were watching titanic. It always made me cry. We were at the part where rose was about to jump when the home phone rang. I got up and went to get it off the kitchen canter. I pressed the green button to talk. 
"Hello?" I asked.
"Is this brittney barger?" The person on the other end asked.
"This is her"
"We have some bad news we need to tell you. We would like you to come down to the police station as soon as possible" she said a little panicked. My whole body froze.
"We will be there in 5" i said and hung up. I ran to the bedroom and put some pants and a jumper on. I pulled out a shirt for liam. I ran out of the bedroom and throw liam the shirt.
"Put it on. We have to go now" i said panicking. He put the shirt on and some shoes on. We slipped out of the door. I drove. The whole ride quiet leaving me with my thoughts. What happened? Is sam in trouble? Is my cousin in trouble? Is some one hurt? Questions flooding my mind. We reached the police station and liam and i got out. I held tight to liams hand as we walked in. We sat down an a young lady came out and put us in a small room. Not soon later a man came in. He sat on the other side of the wooden desk. Tears forming in my eyes. I held them back my fingers locked to liams. 
"Um ms. Barger we some news about your younger sister samantha barger" the man said. Tears now slowly rolling down my cheeks. "Her and a young boy Ethan Robbert we in your sisters car driving down the highway from a theater and were stopped at a stop light and when it turned green a drunk driver came out from no where and rammed the car into a tree on the side of the road... No one made it" he hesitated to say. Tears were flowing out of my eyes. I was speechless. Trying to form words but would not come. I was still in shock. I couldnt believe it. I refused to believe it. Liam's grip on my hand got tighter. I stayed still. "We are so sorry for what had happened" he spoke again. With that i let go of liam broke down. Falling to the floor. Tears flowed out of me. I felt liam pick me up and set me on the chair. "What do we have to do" liam said trying to stay calm. "Just a funeral arrangement" the officer said. And with that liam grabbed my hand and lead me out and to the car. I was in shock. My sister was now gone too. 
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