Me and you

Brittney, Grace, Sydney, and Paige spent all summer saving up for tickets to go see their favorite band. One Direction. When they go to the concert they win a meet and greet to meet the boys lttle do they know their lives would change forever.


38. Gifts

Liam's POV
Once we were done with all the presents brit and i headed to our. I shut the door i pulled brittney in and crashed our lips together. She pulled away smiling. I kissed her forehead and went to go get dressed. After we were all ready i went to sams room. I knocked a few times. I waited till i herd sam say come in. I walked in and saw her and Ethan playing the xbox. 
"Hey can you two come and help brit and i set things up?" I asked. Sam nodded in response and turned off the xbox. They got off of sam's bed and were headed to the front room. I stopped sam. 
"Hey i want to talk to you" i told her and pulled her back a little.
"Ya whats up" she said facing me.
"So are you and Ethan a thing or what?" I asked with a small smirk on my face. She started blushing.
"No we are not a thing."she said blushing.
"But you like him yeah?" I asked
"Well yeah but can i trust you to now tell my sister if i tell you something" she asked. I raised my right hand.
"You can trust me" i said and put my arm back down and smiled.
"Ok well i went to go wake him up and then he kissed me" she said.
"Oh did you do anything?"
"No i liked it a little" 
"Dont mind me asking but why dont you want your sister to know?"
"If she finds out she will ask Ethan a lot of questions and she gets over protective. So dont tell her i will when it comes the right time ok" she said. I nodded and we walked in to the front room. Ethan was setting out plates and silver wear and sam ran over to him and smiled . He handed her some plates. They were in love it reminded me of when me and brit first met. Brit was in the kitchen making food. I walked in and helped her with the rest of the food.
It was about 11 when every thing was ready to go. The two kids went into sams room and brit went into the bedroom. I walked in to find her with her head phones in her ears and he was on her laptop. I sat on the bed next to her and pulled out the right ear phone and stuck it in my ear. She was listening to truly madly deeply. I started to sing the words to our song.
"Truly madly deeply i am foolishly completely falling and some how you kicked all my walls in so baby say you'll always keep me truly madly crazy deeply in love with you in love with you" i saw her staring and smiling at her. She paused the music and took the head phones out of our ears. She closed her laptop and leaned in and kissed me. 
"Im truly madly crazy deeply in love with you in love love with you too" she sang. She had a beautiful voice. I loved to listen to her sing when she had her head phones in. She knew she could sing but chose not to share it to the world. I kissed her back. When i pulled away i heard the door bell ring. Teddy bear went crazy at the door. Brit and i got up and went to the door. Brit picked up teddy while i opened the door. On the other side of the wooden door was Eleanor and Louis.
"Liam!" Louis screamed.
"Louis!" I screamed back and we did a dramatic hug. Brit and El hugged and we showed them teddy. 
"He is so cute!" El squealed in joy. Brittney giggled. Then Sam and Ethan came out.
"Lou and El!" Sam said and ran over and hugged them.
"Hows our little girl been doing every time im over you always gone... Whos this your boyfriend?" Louis asked.
"Haha im sorry im always out with friends and no this is Ethan my friend" she said. He shook hands with them.
"It amazing to meet you sir im a big fan of one direction" he said.
"Thank you but im no sir no need to suck up" louis replied and laughed. The kids went back into their room and brit and el talked on the couch and Louis and i were on the other couch with teddy on my lap talking. The door bell rang again and i help teddy an brit got up and went to the door. Niall and Grace walked in and sam walked out again and hugged them but this time stayed in the room with every one. 
"Niall boy!" Louis yelled at him as he sat down next to us. 
"Hi lads!" He yelled back. I laughed. Sam and Ethan were on the floor talking and the girls were talking and we guys were too. Not soon after grace and niall got her the others we here as well. The tree was piled high with presents and the front room was barely even full. It was about 12 and we all sat down and ate. Once we were done it was present time. I sat on the couch next to brit. I had one arm around her. Teddy was in the bedroom so he was not in every ones way. Sam and Ethan passed out all the presents. Sydney got a diamond necklace with a H on it for Harry. And Harry got a custom jumper with his name on it. Niall gave Grace a trip to any where in the world for the two of them. And Niall got from Grace a trip to Ireland. They are going to be gone for a while. Zayn got Paige new car. And Paige got Zayn a day at any amusement park for the two of them. Louis got Eleanor a diamond ring as a promise ring. El got lou and trip to Paris for a month just the two of them. Sam got lots of money and gift cards. They all got some other things from the rest of us. Next was me. Brittney had gotten me some more things the stuff this morning was just something little i guess. I opened the small box and in side was a trip to go visit my family. I hugged her and kissed her thank you. I opened the other things from everyone else. Next was brit. She opened some things from the others. Next she opened one of mine. He tore the blue wrapping paper and opened the white box in side was three tickets to Colorado. She was so happy and kissed me thank you. Once every one was done i went to the closet an grabbed a medium box that was wrapped in silver wrapping paper and handed it to brit.
Brittney's POV
Liam handed me the box.
"Whats this?" I asked.
"Just open it" he said with a smiled painted on his face. I carefully ripped the paper off the box. I opened the box and pulled out a book. It was a scrap book. On the front was 'i love you no matter what -liam' there was a picture of me and him standing in front of the air port. I looked at him. He told me to go ahead and open it. I opened to the front page. It was the first picture that we had ever taken together. The meet and greet. On top it said 'when i first saw you it was love at first sight' i started to tear up. I flipped the page and it was a picture of me and him on the balcony when we hung out that day.
'You let me into your heart and i knew you were the one'
The next page was a picture of me and him at the air port like the cover.
'When you agreed to live with me i knew my world was complete and no matter what we go through im here'
The next one of of us on the plane.
'It was the first day of us beginning our new lives together'
The next one was of us moving me in
'The day of our new lives together'
Tears were flowing down my eyes.
The next page was of us getting teddy.
'Our new member'
I flipped the page and there it was blank.
"The next pages are for us to fill out later in our lives." Liam said.
He got up and took my hand he started to kneel down.
"Brittney we may only be 18 and 19 but i love you and now matter what we go through i want you there right by my side. Brittney Barger would you do me the honer and me my beautiful wife?" Liam said and pulled out a beautiful diamond ring. Tears where running down my face.
"Yes i would love to be your wife" i said back and he slipped the ring on to my finger and stood up and kissed me.
"I am truly madly crazy deeply in love with you" he said and kissed me again.
"I love you too"
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