Me and you

Brittney, Grace, Sydney, and Paige spent all summer saving up for tickets to go see their favorite band. One Direction. When they go to the concert they win a meet and greet to meet the boys lttle do they know their lives would change forever.


30. December 16

Brittney's POV
I woke up next to liam. He was sound asleep. I got up and went to the bathroom. I decided to check my phone. December 16. I dropped my phone and fell to the floor. I started to sob. 3 years since they were killed. I got up and called sam.
'Hello' she said
'Have you checked the date yet?'
'No why'
'Check it'
There was a long pause
'It cant be' she said i could hear she was crying
'I know'
'Im coming home'
She hung up. I walked back into the bedroom. Liam was still asleep as i walked into the living room. I sat down on the couch and i called Grace.
'Hi grace'
'Why are you crying what happened'
'Check the date'
'Im on my way'
She hung up and i laid on the couch. With in 10 minutes Grace, Sydney, and Paige were there. Sydney brought ginger bread cookies. They sat down next to me and were trying to calm me down. Sam came home 5 minutes later. She had tears coming down her cheeks. Grace got up and hugged sam. Every year today was the hardest for us. Some say we should forgive and forget but i cant the man that shot my parents was a crazy and does not deserve forgiveness. He got out of jail last year and that made sam and i really mad. He did not deserve to leave. To make it worse he only shot my parents. Out of all the people he chose them. Liam came out in only his boxers. 
"Oh my god sorry!" He said and ran back in the room. He came out a few minutes later in sweats
" whats wrong" he said coming to my side
Sydney got up and went to go tell him. A few moments later he came back and hugged me tight. 
"I am so sorry" he said
I cried into his chest. The rest of the day the girls and i sat down and watched movies like we always did on this day. Even when my parents were still around they would come over every december 16 and we would eat ginger bread cookies and watch all the movies we could. Then we would have a sleepover. It was not going to change this year. Liam wanted to stay and comfort me but the girls told him to go hang out with the boys. We watched 17 movies and they were all romantic movies. Everyone fell asleep except me. I walked out onto the balcony.
"Hi mom hi dad. I miss you, three years. Well you would be proud of me. I have lasted three years and have been taking care of sam. She is a good student and has great friends. I know i could not keep the apartment but i met the love of my life. I miss you so much. I know you are always here watching over sam and i. I hope things are well up there. No i have not started my dream of becoming a vet but im saving up money for college. liam has offered to pay but i said no. I wish you were here to meet him. You would really like him. Well i better get some sleep i love you and i miss you guys. I will keep a good eye on sam." I started to cry again. I was not a religious person but every year on this day i would tell my parents how i have been. I miss them. Things happen for a reason right? I just dont understand why it was suppose to happen to them. I walked back into the bedroom and laid down and slowly drifted off to sleep.
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