Me and you

Brittney, Grace, Sydney, and Paige spent all summer saving up for tickets to go see their favorite band. One Direction. When they go to the concert they win a meet and greet to meet the boys lttle do they know their lives would change forever.


36. Crush

Samantha's POV
I felt bad for always being away from my sister and Liam, im always out with my friends and having fun when i should be hanging out with my sister. I let the thought slip out of my mind. I was walking to Ethan's house to hang out for the day. I was headed down Ethan's street when i saw a couple of guys leaning up against a car. I started to cross the street to the other side when the got up and started walking towards me. I began to walk faster but they got up to my pace and now where walking beside me. I stopped in front of some ones drive way.
"Please leave me alone i dont want any trouble please leave" i told them.
"American girl huh" one of them said. He was huge and had blond hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a large black hoodie and jeans and converse.
"Leave!" I demanded.
"Loud one. So where you going love?" The tall one asked.
"Non of you business. Go away before i call the police" i stated.
"No need for that." He replied. Right then my phone starting ringing.
"Whos calling you love? Your boyfriend?" He taunted.
I grabbed my phone out my phone out of my back pocket and saw it was Ethan. His house was just a few houses down. I thought that if i run fast enough i could make it with out them catching me, i was the fastest runner on my track team. But as i pulled my phone out the man hit it and it fell to the concrete. I picked up my phone and ran as fast as i could down the side walk. I could hear the 3 guys feet behind. I ran faster. I turned up Ethan's driveway still with the guys hot on my trial. I ran the door bell a few times. The guys were now walking up the drive way as i heard the door open i quickly slipped into his house with out caring who open the door. 
"Hi to you too" i heard Ethan said. I was looking thought the window. The guys were walking back down the drive way and back up the street. I let out a sign o relief and slid down the wall. I was breathing really hard after running. I dont think i have ever had to run that fast in my whole life. Ethan slid down the wall next to me.
"You ok? What just happened?" He asked.
"Well i was walking down your street and three guys came up to me and started talking to me and taunting me and i told them to leave but the refused and then u called and they git my phone on the ground so i picked it up and ran as fast as i could to your house..." I said running out of breath. I pulled out my phone to see that it was completely cracked and broken.
"Whoa what happened to you iphone?" Ethan asked taking my phone out of my hands.
"It must have cracked when the hit it and it hit the ground" i said.
"We will have to go get it fixed" he replied. I nodded. 
"Well you look like you could use a glass of water" Ethan said. I nodded and he got up and up his hand out to help me up. I placed my hand on his and he pulled me up. We headed to the kitchen. He got out two glasses and turned the sink on and filled the glasses up and gave one to me. I took a sip.
"Wanna go to my room? My parents aren't home right now well thy wont be home for two weeks." He told me.
"What are you going to do? How are you going to feed your self?" I asked surprised. He just shrugged. We walked into his room and sat on the bed. He sat down right next to me. I set my water down on his desk. 
"If you want i can ask if you can stay with me we have a guest room?" I asked.
"That would awesome would your sis approve?" He asked. I shrugged and dialed my sisters number.
"Hello?" Brit said on the other end.
"Hey sis" i replied.
"Hey! Whats up?" 
"Nothen much but can i ask for something?"
"Um that depends on what it is"
"Well Ethan's parents are out of town for two weeks and i was wondering if he could stay with us till they come back?"
"They left him alone for christmas?"
"I guess"
"Ill ask Liam"
There was a long pause.
"Liam said sure as long as there is no funny business going on haha"
"Great! Thanx big sis! Ill be home around 4 ok?"
"Ok sounds good"
"Ok bye love you"
"Love you too"
I hung up and nodded at Ethan.
We spent the rest of the time playing video games and watching tele.
Ethan's POV
We left my house around 3:30. I had a bag pack and we headed out. Sammy was beautiful and every time i was with her i wanted her in my arms. Our friends have told me she liked me but im not 100% sure. I had a huge crush on her. She was beautiful an sweet lovable amazing and my best friend. We were in the car and some nights by fun came on and sam started singing. She was amazing. She had a beautiful voice. I looked at her. 
"What?" She asked. 
"Nothing just you have a beautiful voice." I said.
"Well brit and i would have our radio and sing all the time together" she told me. I smiled. We pulled up to her flat parking lot. It was huge.
"I thought you weren't rich" i teased.
"Im not my sisters boyfriend is" she told me. We walked in to the lobby and a few people greeted sam and she would say hi as we walked to the elevators. When we got in she pressed the top level button.
"Your sisters boyfriend is super rich!" I told her. She giggled. When we reached her house i walked into a huge and beautiful flat. Sam's sister came out and she looked like sam but taller and brown hair. She also had green eyes. 
"Hello" she said.
"Hello" i replied.
"Hi sis" sam said and hugged her sister.
"Im brittney" she said and shook my hand. Not soon after a man came out.
"You must be Ethan hi im Liam" her boy friend said. He was Liam Payne from one direction. I could not believe it.
"Your Liam Payne" i said in shock .
"Haha ya" he replied. Sam and i walked down the hall way where she showed me where i was going to stay. After that we hung out in her room for a while tell we where called for dinner. At dinner Liam and i talked alot. After that sam and i watched Titanic in her room. The whole time i wanted her in my arms. It was getting late and tomorrow was Christmas so i headed to bed. The whole night i could not get her out of my mind.
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