Me and you

Brittney, Grace, Sydney, and Paige spent all summer saving up for tickets to go see their favorite band. One Direction. When they go to the concert they win a meet and greet to meet the boys lttle do they know their lives would change forever.


27. Crush

Paige's POV
After everyone had left i decided to go and take a shower. I turned on the shower and waited for it to get hot. When i got it to the perfect temperature i stripped down and got in. I got out and wrapped the towel around me and walked into the bedroom. I was grabbing my clothes out of the closet when Zayn came out and grabbed me from behind. I was still in my towel.
"Zayn!" I screamed he picked me up and through me on the bed still in my towel. 
"What are you doing? I still am in my towel!" I told him. He ignored me and started to kiss me. He kept pulling me in. He had his hands on my waist and my hands were on his chest. He kept kissing me. We got more and more into it until he started to pull off his shirt.
"Are you sure?" I said in between kisses
He nodded and continued kissing me and taking off his shirt. He got up and shut the door then came back with his shirt off. 
Harry's POV
When i got home i saw that Sydney was asleep in the bedroom. She still had her jeans and sweater on. I put in some sweat pants and no shirt and laid down next to her. I wrapped my arms around her an kissed her forehead. She slowly woke up. I looked into her beautiful eyes. I pressed my lips to hers. She wrapped her arms around my neck and continued kissing me. She pulled away and got up and went to the bathroom. I followed. She turned on the shower. She stripped down and got in. I waited a minute then did the same. 
Samantha's POV
I woke up the next morning and checked my phone. I had 87 text messages. Most were from mu friends in a group text. But there was 3 text from some one really special. 
Good mornin love - Ethan text
You are the most beautiful girl in the world - Ethan text
I cant wait to hang out again :) - Ethan text
Good mornin. Thanx :). How about today?? - sam text
Sounds great where?? - Ethan text
How about your place? - sam text
Sounds good love how about at 12 - Ethan text 
Ok ill ask my sis - sam text
Ok bye - Ethan text
Ethan was a boy that i met at a cafe when i first moved here. He is a great friend an so much fun to hang out with. I hung out with him by our selves for the first time last week. He is a vey cute boy with black shaggy hair a british accent green eyes and a beautiful smile. I do have a crush on him and my friends say he likes me too but i dont know. I walked in to the kitchen and found Liam there. 
"Hey liam?" I asked
"Yea whats up" he said
"Can i go hang out with my friend at his house at 12" 
"I dont see why not just make sure to double check with brit"
"Ok" i walked in to their bedroom and found brit getting ready. I asked her and she said yes. I texted Ethan back and told him i would be able to.
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