Me and you

Brittney, Grace, Sydney, and Paige spent all summer saving up for tickets to go see their favorite band. One Direction. When they go to the concert they win a meet and greet to meet the boys lttle do they know their lives would change forever.


37. Christmas morning

Brittney's POV
Christmas morning was always my favorite. I woke up to the smell of ginger bread. I found Liam sound asleep next to me. He had one arm around me. I kissed his nose softly. His eyes slowly opened. He leaned in and kiss me. 
"Merry christmas love" he said in his thick british accent. 
"Morning and to you too" i replied. I got up and put Liam's jumper he gave me and some sweatpants that said colorado down the right leg. Liam got up as well. He put on some sweats and a jumper as well. He would usually just wear some sweat pants but since Ethan is here it may be a good idea no to. He grabbed my hand and lead me to the front room. We sat down on the couch and he put his arm around me and i put my head on his shoulder. "Love?" Liam asked.
"Yes" i replied. "What do you think about kids? Do you want any in the future?" He asked. I was shocked by the question. I took my head off his shoulder.
"Well i want to be married first. But yes i want two kids" i told him and laid my head back down. I want kids but later but if i could choose the dad it would be Liam. We sat there for at least 10 minutes talking, kissing ;), tweeting. After that i got up to go get Sam and Ethan. Liam stayed and tweeted as i walked into Sam's bedroom. I decided it christmas so i would annoy her a little bit. I opened her blinds so that the sun was shining straight into her eyes. Then i jumped on her bed.
"WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" I yelled as i jumped up and down in her bed.
"Go away!" She yelled back and shoved a pillow on to her face. I jumped down off her bed.
"Go get Ethan and hurry up we are going to open a few things" i said and left. I walked back into the front room to find Liam spread out on the couch. I laid on top of him.
"What do you think your doing?" He said and wrapped his arms around me. "Laying on my love" i replied. He giggle and so did i.
Samantha's POV
I got up slowly but i did it. I put on my colorado jumper and walked out of my room and down the hall to Ethan's room. I did not bother to knock. I walked in to find him sound asleep. I went of and pushed him a little. Then i leaned down and yelled wake up in his ear. I started laughing as he rolled over. Then all of the sudden he rolled back over and grabbed me and pulled me on to the bed next to him. I rolled on to my side and was now looking into his beautiful green eyes. 
"Time to get up" i told him. He nodded. He started leaning more and more forward until his lips crashed onto mine. It did not process in my head that he was kissing me i just went with is and kissed back.
Ethan's POV
She pulled away and i must have been red. I did not know what came over me i just could not help it but the best part was she kissed back.
"We dont speak of this in front of my sister you got that" she said with a very serious face. She got up and i followed. We walked out the door and down the hall way. When we reached the front room i saw some thing i was not prepared for.
Samantha's POV
When we walked out brit and liam we snogging. "Get a room!" I yelled. Brit got up and giggled. They both headed to the tree and Ethan and i followed. They handed out a few presents to me and they each got some too. I handed Ethan a present it was from me. He only had on because we did not know he would be staying. He handed me one back. I opened it. It was two tickets to our favorite band. Never Shout Never. I was so happy i thanked him and gave him a hug. He opened his it was a t-shirt of Never Shout Never. He thanked me and hugged me as well. I finished opening mine.
Liam's POV
I watched as Sam and Ethan opened their presents. I knew that they had feelings for each other. I sat next to brit with my arm on her back. After they were dont i opened mine from brit. It was a jumper with my name and one direction on the back and payne on the front. I thanked her and kissed her. Next i opened the one from sam. It was two movie tickets to go see any movie i want. I thanked her as well. 
Brittney's POV
I opened the one from sam first it was in one direction wrapping paper. I giggled at what she did there. I ripped the paper open and found that it was a new speaker for my iphone. I smiled and thanked her so very much an hugged her. Next i opened liam's present to me. It was in a small box. I ripped the sliver paper open and found a small black box. I opened the box and it was an infinity diamond ring with the letter L on one side and a B on the other. "This is beautiful Liam thank you" i said. I kissed him. "The L is for me and the B is for you it say infinity Liam and Brittney" he said and smiled. Sam and Ethan got up and left and Liam and i went to the bed room. I put the ring on and liam and i went to go set up for every one to come over.
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