Me and you

Brittney, Grace, Sydney, and Paige spent all summer saving up for tickets to go see their favorite band. One Direction. When they go to the concert they win a meet and greet to meet the boys lttle do they know their lives would change forever.


3. Be right back

Brittney's POV

we had finally made it and we got to our seats. We had 10th row. i told the girls that i would be right back because i had to to go to the bathroom. I went inside the bathroom and no one was in there so i decided to take a minute to call my sister samatha.

"Hello?" samantha said on the other end

"Hi sam."

"Hey! how is the concert?"

"has not started yet but wanted to check on you. Are you stay over another night?'

"Yes if thats alright with you?"

"Yes of course i will call you after the concert ok."

" ok sounds good to me i will see you soon have fun"

" you too, love you"

"love you too"

the phone line went dead. I was worryed about my sister she did not know about the money problem and i did not want her to worry and have to go get a job because i cant apy the bill. she was 16 i want her to be a kid and not have to grow up so fast like me. I do sometimes wish i could have been more of a teen and went out more but i had my sister to take care of and thats more important than being a teen. i started to tear up a little just thinking about my parents made me cry a little. I wiped away the tears and headed out of the bathroom and back to everyone else. as i was walking out i ran into someone.

"Oh my gosh i am so sorry!" i said the man i ran into.

"its ok dont worry about it." the man said in a thick british accent.

"Are you sure?" i said finally looking into the mans eyes.

"Yes im sure."

I could not believe who it was! It was Liam Payne the real Liam Payne!!

" Your Liam Payne." i said

"Yes i am are you here for the concert?" he said lokking in my eyes

"um yeah im here with some of my friends."

"Oh well have fun i will see you in the crowd."

He sat there for a minute just looking at each other. He was beautiful. The color of his eyes and the way he looked at me. My heart melted. Then came out Niall!

"Liam time to go." he said in his Irish accent.

"oh sorry." he said as he took his eyes off me and now looking at Niall.

"See you later?" Liam said to me as we both walked away.

Liam's POV

She was beautiful. I was so amazed that i forgot to get her name. It was 10 minutes till show and all I could think about was her. I was determined to find her in the crowd.

"Ok boys. its a full house tonight put on a great show." The stage manager said.

We all lined up backstage. I was going to find her. No matter what.

Brittney's POV

I came back and i was going to tell the girls what just happened but as i was going to the 5 boys came running out on stage. When Liam came out he was looking all around what was he looking for? It was the part of the show where they anwser their favorite tweets of the day. Liam's turn to show us his favorite tweet. The tweet said "I have waited all year for this! Cant wait to get it started" It was from the girl right in front of me. As he was looking for the girl he saw me and a huge smile grew on his face and i knew he was looking at me. Then he walked over to the other boys. What was he doing? They all came back out to the front of the stage and had an anouncement.

"We are giving away a meet and greet to one lucky fan and who ever they brought with tem today!" Louis said

" liam do u want to give it away?" Niall said and gave him a wink.

" I would be delighted to!" Liam said then he walked over to the left side of the stage w and pouinted to me.

"How about you would you like to?"

Sydney, Paige, and grace looked at me and nodded.

" YES!!!" I screamed so he could hear me.

"Great!" He said and they continuted their show.


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