Me and you

Brittney, Grace, Sydney, and Paige spent all summer saving up for tickets to go see their favorite band. One Direction. When they go to the concert they win a meet and greet to meet the boys lttle do they know their lives would change forever.


11. Are You Sure?

Liam's POV

It was at least 10 minutes since Brittney left. I decided to go check on her. She was in the hall crying not crying she was sobbing.

"Brit whats wrong? what happened? who called?" I started to get mad i did not like to see Brittney cry it hurt me and i wanted to know what made her cry so hard.

She stood up and wrapped her arms around my neck and sobbed into my chest.

"Are you ok love?" i started to calm down when she hugged me.

"No! The apartement building wants to much for the home. Now we have 2 days to move out!" she said still crying into my chest.

"im so sorry" i said lifting her head up and wiping away the tears.

"Where will i go now? I cant live with Grace again." She said her eyes were full of hurt.

"Come live with me." I said it would be good for us that way i can always see her.

"I cant do that"

"Yes you can and that way we can spend all the time in the world together"

"What about samantha?"

"Of course she will come too"

"What about my life? My friends"

"I dont know"

"They have to come they are my family"

"We will talk to them"

Just as i was wiping away the last tear. the boys and Grace, Sydney, and Paige came running out.

"What happened?" Harry said looking at me

The girls took Brittney out of my arms and off to the side.

"She is getting kicked out of her home" I said

"What is she going to do?" Zayn asked

"I asked her to come live with me in London. but she does not want to leave her friends"

"why dont they come too" Niall said smiling i think he really want Grace to come.

the girls came back to the rest of us.

"Why dont we ask them?" Harry said and walked over to Sydney

"ask me what?" sydney said

"Would you guys like to come live with us in London?" Niall said looking at Grace

"that way Brittney can have a home and still be with you guys" I said

"I dont see why not. We arn't in highschool anymore. Plus we have to move out someday." Paige said

they all agreed.

"Are you sure liam?" Brittney asked


"I'll call sammy in the morning"

We all headed back into the rooms. Brittney seemed a bit quiet after that. we fell asleep my arm around Brittney and her head on my chest.

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