Me and you

Brittney, Grace, Sydney, and Paige spent all summer saving up for tickets to go see their favorite band. One Direction. When they go to the concert they win a meet and greet to meet the boys lttle do they know their lives would change forever.


25. 15 again

Brittney's POV
I woke up the next day in Liam's arms. It felt like the old days as if nothing had ever happened but Grace did get hurt she did not remember anything. Being in Liam's arms made me forget the world and forget the bad things and make it seem like we are the only ones in the world and nothing bad would ever happen to me when im with him. I looked at me phone 9:45. I decided to get dressed in some sweat pants and an over sized t-shirt and call Grace. I as i was walking in to the living room to call i found Sam on the couch sleeping. 
"Sam what are you doing?" I asked and woke her up
"I was watching the news last night i must have fallen asleep" she said as she got up an walked into the room most likely to go back to bed. I sat in the couch and dialed Grace's number
"Hello" grace said on the other line
"Hey how are you?" I asked
"Fine still cant remember anything"
"How about we all get together you me paige and sydney for a sleepover its been a while so i thought we could go back to old times"
"Thats sounds fun. I will tell Niall. Brit?"
"I fell in love with him once right? Do you think that if i dont remember i can fall in love again?"
"Of course he was meant for you and you were meant for him"
"Ok so can we pick you up around 3?"
"Yea sounds good bye"
She hung up. She sounded worried that she would never remember or fall in love with Niall again. I walked in to the bed room to not find Liam in bed. I walked into the bathroom. He was leaning up against the counter.
I walked up to him and kissed him on the lips. He pulled away.
"I love you brittney and no one in the whole world can make me as happy as you do. I will do anything to make you happy and safe" he said and kissed me again
"I love you too Liam. I would do anything for you" i said
I pulled away and walked into the kitchen as liam followed. I grabbed out the cereal and milk. Liam grabbed two bowls and one spoon for me and a spork for him self. I poured the cereal and milk and we sat down at the table. I told him about tonight and that we were going to spend the night at Paige and Zayn's. Liam said that he could call the boys to see if they all want to hang out. After we were done Liam went to the bed room and called the boys. He came out and nodded as saying yes they all are coming over. He walked up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.
"I am happy we are home" he said
"I am too" i said i kissed him and went to go get dressed. I got dresses in a forever 21 mint green sweater and some skinny jeans. I put on some bracelets and my mint vans. I put on some light makeup and fish tail bradded my hair to the side. I walked out and put some jeans, pjs, a shirt and my make up in a bag for tonight. Liam came in a handed me a hoodie.
"This is your favorite hoodie" i said
"Yea i know i want you to use it and wear it when your not here so you know im always there even thought im not" he said
"Its one night"
"One of the longest nights"
"You are a dork"
"I will miss you though"
"I will too thank you" 
I put the hoodie in my bag and i grabbed my phone and texted Sydney to see when she was going to be here to come pick me up. 
"Next week were are going to go get you and sam a car" liam said coming up from behind me
"I cant do that to you its to much money" i said
"Dont worry international superstar i promise i can handle it and plus i cant keep you and sam getting rides its not right for me to do that"
"Ok fine thank you"
He leaned in and kissed me. Then my phone buzzed.
Here:)- sydney text
I kissed liam one more time an told him bye. I knocked on sams door and told her to be good with all the boys. I grabbed my things and ran out the door and in to sydney's car. We headed to Grace's.
Paige's POV
I told Zayn good bye as he left to go to Liam and Brit's for the night. As he left Brit Syd and Grace came knocking on the door.
"Come in!" I said 
They came in and i saw Grace's face light up.
"What is it grace?" I said
"I know this place" she said with a big smile on her face. Everyone had a smile on their face after she said that. They sat their stuff in the bed room and we went to go make our favorite snack. Popcorn with lots of butter and m and ms and chocolate syrup on top. We also made apple cider with caramel and lots of whip cream. It felt like we were all 15 again. It was the best and the worst years of our lives but we all had each other to get through stuff that brought us down. Now that Grace had memory loss we all need each other the most right now to get through it all. We all got into our pjs and sat down on the floor to talk. Brit had one of Liam's hoodies on and told us the story behind it. We talked and talked. We made stupid videos and put them on keek. We also took videos of us singing. There was one of all of us singing Run Away by Megan and Liz. I have always thought that we could become famous one day. When we were 13 we made a band called Pretty In Pink and we wrote some songs but we never really thought that we would become big. As we were all going to bed syd and i kept giggling and laughing. Britt would tell us to shut up and be quiet but it would make us laugh harder. Soon brit and grace got so mad that they yelled at us and told us if we dont shut up they would sleep outside. We soon shut up but were on our phones. I got text from Zayn
I miss you in my arms. Cant wait to see you tomorrow - zayn text
I miss you too - paige text
Not soon after sydney and i both fell asleep. 
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