meet me in the studio

hey i'm lauren! my dad is the manager of some famous boyband i don't really know who it is yet. i'm 17 almost 18 and i love to sing, act, and dance, alot! i'm going to start recording soon. Yay! i love my dad for getting me this oppritunity. oh yea i'm very insecure though, dont tell anyone...


6. The Cards

a/n hi everyone! I feel so horrible it has been months and i haven't updated. With school and sports i have been busy. I now have a co-author for this story so most likely it will be updated more.



I got inside and walked straight up to my room i had to read those notes. I sit on my bed with the envelopes in my lap. I open the first one that is on top and  take out its contents. I unfold the small note card and it has a small key in it with the number 42 and the studio name on it with a small note at the bottom.

Save the other three for when you get to this location. This place is for you and I. I hope you like it.


I smile and take the key and notes and put them in my purse. i walk down stairs and out the door.  I immediately walk to my car and go to my dad's studio. When I get there I start looking for 42. I look all over the place and i can't find it. Finally I decide to call Liam and ask him. "Hello?" I hear Liam ask. "Hi Li. It's me, Lauren. I can not find room 42 anywhere!" I say tired from running around. "Oh that. Well you know where our room is?" He asks quietly so no one can here him. " Yes." I say while walking to our room. "Go up stairs the second floor of it and go to wall behind the slide." "OK." I stop at our room and unlock it and walk in. I go upstairs and walk to the slide." OK. Now what?" "Do you see the white slide door in the corner? Open it and walk in." He says then hangs up. I look at the corner and see the door. I take my key and slowly open it. "It's so dark! Urghh!" I say as I try to find a light switch. When i find it i switch it on the room lights up with fairy lights. I see in the middle is a bed built into the floor covered in pillows and blankets. there is a plain white wall to my left and a projector to my right. I here footsteps coming behind me and i turn around quickly. "Liam." I breath out. I jump into his arms hugging him tightly. " Li why did you do this for me?" I asked in amazement. "I wanted to have a movie night?" I smile Laughing. " I love it." i say looking around. I drop my purse and take off my shoes next to the bed. I feel a push and I fall into the bed. "LIAM!" I say Laughing. He smiles and falls on top of me. I wiggle out from under him and wrap my arms around of him. He smiles and kisses my head. i snuggle in close and feel liam put a blanket over me. I here a movie start and look up. I see Tangled start to play. "Liam! You remember?"  He nods and smiles. Of course I remember. How could I not?" I smile and watch the movie. " I got one of these put on our bus." I hear Liam whisper quietly. i look at him shocked. "OUR bus?" He blushes slightly and nods. "I asked your dad and he said it was fine if we got it put on." "Why'd He say that? I don't mind sharing." I say questioningly. "Well actually you're sharing a bus with the other girls. So it's going on yours." "Other girls?" I say. No one told me about other girls. 

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