meet me in the studio

hey i'm lauren! my dad is the manager of some famous boyband i don't really know who it is yet. i'm 17 almost 18 and i love to sing, act, and dance, alot! i'm going to start recording soon. Yay! i love my dad for getting me this oppritunity. oh yea i'm very insecure though, dont tell anyone...


5. -one month later-

-one month later-

lauren's pov:

it's been one month since liam asked me out. i thought that my feelings for him would go down butt they actually have gone way up. i'm really happy that he had asked me out.  he asked me to go to a movie theater with him and see monsters inc. in 3D. i happily agreed and he said we would be leaving soon. i decided to wear a winnie the pooh loose noodie, skinny jeans, a few chunkier woven bracelets. i wore my hair down and naturally curly. i went down the stairs and liam stood there waiting. he bowed and held out his hand. "milady?" he said standing back up. i curtseyed and said "thankyou good sir." while taking his hand. we both started laughing. we got in the car and drove into the parking lot and parked. he got us our tickets while i got us a popcorn and a pop. he hands me the 3D glasses and we walk into the theater. "hey... why are we the only ones here?" i ask confused. "i don't know. they found a different movie to watch?" he says "confused". "OK" i say shrugging. as the movie starts i feel liam take my hand. "Lauren?" "Hm?" i say turning to him. "i have something to tell you.." I nod and he contiues."As you know our tour starts in a week," He starts i nod slowly. "i was wondering, if you wanted to come along since you know your dad is the manager and all-" "liam i would love to." i say smiling. we finish watching the movie and a song starts up on the screen. the band walks up on to the stage each holding a poster and a card. i walk up to them and they each hand me a card. as i look up i see niall turn his board around and it says WILL in big letters zayn flips his board and it says YOU. harry flips his board and it says BE MY and louis does the same and it says GIRLFRIEND? i look at liam who has a bunch of colorful flowers in his hand. "Well i made a promise and i definately am going to keep it.- Yes i will be your girlfriend!" i say smiling. liam comes over and hugs me. i kiss his cheek and he whispers in my ear "Open the cards later" i nod and smile. liam grabs my hand and takes me home. "i had a great time tonight thankyou" i say happily. i lean down and sweetly give him a kiss. spark. i say goodnight and go inside.  Today was amazing.



Hi guys i know it has been weeks and weeks since i last updated. Sorry! i also updated my second book so check that out other then that i really appreciate feedback! bye


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