meet me in the studio

hey i'm lauren! my dad is the manager of some famous boyband i don't really know who it is yet. i'm 17 almost 18 and i love to sing, act, and dance, alot! i'm going to start recording soon. Yay! i love my dad for getting me this oppritunity. oh yea i'm very insecure though, dont tell anyone...


4. might be ok?


we are in OUR room. we are in the hot tub right now. i am wearing a nice turqois bikini and liam is wearing and red and white plaid swim trunks. we are splashing each other when i dump water all over his hair. he hadn't gotten it wet yet. he gaped at me with wide eyes. i picks me up and spins me around. i laugh and he puts me over his shoulder and gets out of the hot tub. he brings me into the bathroom turns the shower head on sets me in the bath tub and sprays my hair getting it all wet. "liam!" i yell getting up. "what?" he says acting shocked. "you got my hair wet!" i yell. " you got mine wet!" he laughs back. "well ok then." i get up go sit in my room on my bed and turn my back to him and look upset. he comes in "lauren... come on" i shake my hair down my back and continue to shun him. "lauren" i shake my head. he comes and sits by me and breaths on my neck. "hey babe..." he whispers. i shutter and push him away laughing. "liam stop joking around!" i say laughing. "i wasn't joking" he whispers. "what?" i say stopping. "i think... i think i like you..." he says quietly. "i smile and look down. i look up and whisper "i think i like you too..." i smile. i run out of the room laughing. he gets up and runs out too. "lauren!" he yells running after me. i laugh and run and jump into the hot tub. liam jumped in and grabbed me by the waist and whispered in my ear "why'd you run?" "cause i was cold!" i say innocently. he laughs and asks "will you be my girlfriend?" i pause and think. "ask me in a month." i say. his smile drops and he says "why?" "because i want one more month of you just being my best friend." i say smiling. he smiles again and says "ok one month" i smile and nod. "promise?" we link pinkys "promise."


when she told me one month my spirits went down, far. but then she told me why and smiled. " let's sleep in the ball pit!" she yells. "ok!' i say laughing. i get out of the hot tub and dry off, lauren does the same. i go a grab blankets and pillows while lauren grabs the water and snacks. we go in the ball pit and i had grabbed a bunch of movies and put one in. i only grabbed disney or dreamworks ones. the first one was tangled. "i love this one!!" lauren smiles brightly. i smile back and i snuggle into blankets. this night would be perfect.

A/n i hope you like it! lots of love! jkjkjk -ellie


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