meet me in the studio

hey i'm lauren! my dad is the manager of some famous boyband i don't really know who it is yet. i'm 17 almost 18 and i love to sing, act, and dance, alot! i'm going to start recording soon. Yay! i love my dad for getting me this oppritunity. oh yea i'm very insecure though, dont tell anyone...


2. fun times and secret rooms...?

"hey guys i brought more food!" i yell walking into the studio once again. it has been two weeks since i met them and i bring them nandos every day. i snap out f my thoughts when i here the herd of just niall heading straight at me. "woah! niall chill i brought everyone enough food. i have two meals JUST for you!" "good because i'm STARVING!" "ithought you would be!" i reply laughing. beep beep! i hear as i get a text. "meet me in the studio in ten! :)-liam" i smile as we walk to the lounge. "ok" i reply quickly. "um lads i need to use the loo. be right back!" i say before i slip out the door. "bye!" i hear them all yell back to me. i walk down the hall and knock on the familiar door. "come in!" i hear liam yell. i walk in and i see two pair of running shoes glasses and mustaches. "umm liam? what is all this stuff for?" i ask him very curious. "well i figured we wouldneed to make a few funny memories here before we leave." he says with a big smile on his face. "just put the shoes on and we will go." he says quickly. i don't question it and slip them on. he quickly graps a drawstring adidas backpack and puts our glasses and mustaches in it. "let's go" he says quickly.

liam's pov:

she has no idea about how fun today is going to be. we leave and i run down the hallway with her close behind. we stop at a small cubicle and slip inside. i handed her the mustaches and glasses saying "put these on for me ok?" she laughed and put them on. looking super adorable with them on btw. i put mine on and we slip out. we start rolling and craawling down the hall acting like ninjas. we went in the break room and the intern cindy was in there eating lunch. we decided to have some fun. not in a mean way but just to be funny.

lauren's pov:

when we went in the break room she didn't see us yet. we crawled in there and i went in behind her and liam went by the microwave and turned it on and rolled away. she got up and walked over there and looked to see what was making the sound looked over st her and her back was facing me so i got up took her food and moved it across the table. when she turned around i hid again and she look shocked! it was working! we took all her food again when she turned around and put it in the microwave. and left. we heard her get up and leave thinking the kitchen was haunted. after we did that we started being ninjas again. then liam told me he had something to show me. i agreed and we went in to a big room filled with kid stuff! twirly slides, ballpits, trampolines, even a tree house! it was awesome. liam told me this was his and my secret room. just for us to hangout at. he showed me around there is even two bedrooms that are awesome! he showed my the nice kitchen and a bathroom with a hottub in it. then i asked if we could hangout there for a while and he said of course i am as much the owner as he.

liam pov:

i think i am going to tell her i like her... maybe soon.



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