meet me in the studio

hey i'm lauren! my dad is the manager of some famous boyband i don't really know who it is yet. i'm 17 almost 18 and i love to sing, act, and dance, alot! i'm going to start recording soon. Yay! i love my dad for getting me this oppritunity. oh yea i'm very insecure though, dont tell anyone...


1. first day

23...24...25..26! good i found it. i'm curreently going to the studio my dad said to meet him at with food for his band... dang! this is alot of food... how many people are in this band?! i open the door and a small cluster of boys that llook around my age are in a tight circle whispering. one of them.. a blonde is see looks into the air, sniffs, and yells "NANDOS!" really loud. they all turn and look at me eagerly looking at the food in my hands. "FOOD!gimme it!!" the blonde one yells and runs toward me reaching for the food. you would have thought he  had never eatin before. "um hi... i'm lauren. i'm creig's daughter.." i say as they all take the food and savagely dig in, except one. who has a a small quiff and beautiful brown eyes. "oh hi then. i'm liam" the rest of them stand up done with their food. " hi i'm niall" the blonde one says. he has the most beautiful blue eyes i could get lost in and braces it appears. "i'm harry..." the one with curly brown hair and green eyes says in a deep sexy voice. "cheeky i see" i reply to him." very!" they all reply and we laugh. "I'M LOUIS!" a boy with messy brown hair and blue eyes says. "I'M LAUREN!" i yell back. they all start laughing. "and i am zayn" a quiet, dark haired boys says and waves. "hi" i say back.

"i see you have met my daughter lauren." dad says as he walks in well boys and lauren i will leave you to hangout i have a meeting. "OKAY" we all reply.

liam's pov:

"oh hi then. i'm liam" i say to her. she is gourgous. she has beautiful long, straight, brown hair that reaches down her lower back. she has a light grey-blue set of eyes and straight, white teeth. she is gorgous. i already like her. she's nice. all of the boys introduced themselves. craig came in and told us to hangout. yes! suddenly i here a bug thump annd i snap out of it. oo niall and lauren ran into eachother and fell. she and him are laughing. and she yells "you have a guitar!!! can i play it?!" niall laughs and nods. she brabs it and strums closing her eyes. she started to sing a familiar song. hmm it's wide awake maybe? yes it is! her voice is beautiful... it's clear and stong but sweet. angelic. she's too perfect...

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