1 way out

Arianna is a 14 year old CIA agent/asassian.Durring one of her missions she drags one direction into her work.There is one way out of this mess but many ways to die.


3. The rescue

Arianna's POV:
Hunter drove me and Zayn to the party and dropped us off."ok so when we get in there you make sure Jake can see you and distract him" I said to Zayn."I'm nervous" Zayn said."don't worry you walk in and I'll change so I can save your friends" I said to Zayn than I shoved him out of the van.I pulled off the tux and wig I was wearing and changed into a black body suit."I'm doing this for you Zayn" I sighed knowing he couldn't hear me.then I put my hair in a perfect bun and pulled the top of the suit over my head so that only my eyes were exposed."here's the stuff I'll be waiting out here" hunter said handing me a black bag.I slipped out of the van and walked into the beer factory where I saw the rest of one direction gagged and being hung by their wrists 40 feet above the ground.they started freak isn't out when they saw me."calm down I'm here to help you" I said.I climbed up a rope and jumped onto the one Liam was hung on."when I cut the rope I want you to run to the black van outside okay" I said.Liam nodded.I cut the rope and Liam fell to the ground,then got up and ran outside."you all go to the black van outside" I said.I pulled out a knife and threw it,it cut through Harry and Niall's ropes but not Louis.I threw another knife and Louis fell too.I jumped down and ran to the van."ok I'm gonna take your gags off but when I do you. Ant scream" I said calmly.I untied the gags and they fell to the floor."where's Zayn is he ok" Louis asked."he's fine we're driving to get him right now" I said calmly.We pulled up to where I dropped Zayn off and Zayn flew into the car."
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