1 way out

Arianna is a 14 year old CIA agent/asassian.Durring one of her missions she drags one direction into her work.There is one way out of this mess but many ways to die.


2. the plan

Ariannas POV:

We pulled up to head quarters and I got my stuff."Come on you're gonna need to stay with us untill we can figure out a way to keep you from getting killed" I said to Zayn."Ok but what vabout the lads can we save them" Zayn asked."Of course I already figured out how we're gonna save them" I said."How" Zayn asked."I'll tell you when we get to my office" I said grabbing zayns wrist and pulling him out of the car."Where's your office" Zayn asked."Upstairs we can take ther elavator" I said.We took the elavator to the 3rd floor and walked to my office."Sorry about all the posters" I said looking at the wall."It's fine lots of girls have posters of us" Zayn said."Good" I said."So how are we gonna get the boys back" Zayn asked."Take a seat on the couch and I'll tell you right after I file a report" I said sitting down infront of my computer."a report on what" Zayn asked."Just to tell my boss what happened and request the ability to treat target as hostile" I said."Cool do you think he'll say yes" Zayn asked."Probably he is my oldest brother" I said.The secret agent buisness is kinda a family thing."Well thats good" Zayn said."Ok done now what sized suit do you wear" I asked."7" Zayn said.I walked into the discuise closet and looked at my mens stuff."Try this on" I said handing him a suit."Ok" Zayn said.He changed and walked back out."Perfect now for hair and make up" I said."Wait what" Zayn said."Look do you want to save your friends or not" I asked."Yes" Zayn said."Then I suggest you do as I tell you" I said then I pulled him into the apearince room."Ok I'm gonna give you brown hair and a fake nose and maybe some colored contacts" I said looking at Zayn.It took me about an hour to do everything but it was worth it."You look like a totally different person now onto me" I said taking Zayn back into my office."Now then I'm going to change my apearince so I look like a boy" I said pulling out a small tux."Ok you go do that" Zayn said sitting down onthe couch.About an hour later I looked like a boy,I walked back into myt office."Ok now onto names I'm going to be Drake Sunnivan son of the owner of many franchises and you are gonna be Blake Donel investment billionair ok" I said."Great now what" Zayn asked."Ok tonight the queen is having a party and Jake is gonna be there,when Jake has hostages he never goes far from them so chances are thy're gonna be at that beer factory a block away,when I give you the signal that means time to go,when we get to the beer factory we need to work fast so in this bag is all the suplies we need to save you're friends let's get going" I said leading zayn out of the room and to the limo we had parked outside.

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